Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't Make Too Much of A Big Deal About Mayor Sam's Blog Going Dark...NO ONE WAS READING IT ANYMORE, ANYWAY

The reason Mayor Sam's blog went dark this week, is because the publisher was probably pissed that the blog was no longer in the TOP 20 (on the same BNN ranker) that Zuma Dogg's LA DAILY BLOG ranked #4. (So ZD=#4, and Mayor Sam NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 20??? Then, Mayor Sam goes dark the morning the BNN rankings came out for the week.)

People don't realize that "comments" help boost the BNN blog ranking. Notice ZD's blog doesn't have many comments, but Mayor Sam's was loaded with comments because he allowed anything and everything to be posted. WELL, when he cracked down on bogus comments, his ranking immediately sank and without the libelous comments about myself and others...well, the blog dropped off the map. So it was the number of comments Mayor Sam was approving that was boosting his ranking, while I was boosting mine STRICTLY though the editorial in the post itself. As soon as he cut the nutty comments, the blog TANKED. (The audience had left A LONG TIME AGO except for a handful of nuts who posted comments back and forth to each other, all day.)

So now that he said, "Adios," other bloggers are saying there is a hole, now. I guess the whole was already filled, cause according to the ranker, Mayor Sam was not being read much anymore, anyway. So what's the big deal? You never read about what mattered over there anyway. How many times did you read about PesnionGate over there? So the only hole, is that a few nutty wackos don't have a comment section to post lies about each other.

THINK ABOUT IT: My blog was #4 (after hitting #1, recently)...while Mayor Sam's blog was COMPLETELY OUT OF THE TOP 20??? LOOKS LIKE EVERYONE WAS GONE ALREADY, ANYWAY. So just when I want to pick up the slack and double up my efforts, I gotta walk away too, cause I'm so hungry right now, I wanna die! (Yes, I'm in massive internal pain. Could be an organ failing...)

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