Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun Stickam Chat Comments From Two Zuma Dogg Fans!

I like this Stickam chat between 2 zuma fans who are on opposite ends of the culture spectrum. YES, Zuma Dogg...the uniter! Thanks for the comments for two ZD suporters!

Randy420: im just a zumafan i am on disability and he helps fight for my marijuana rights, i gave him 20 last week, i wish i could help more but im strapped..

ghost: ZD is kinda like my idol for all of us he represents. No one can do it better or with more passion. I do not agree always with him, but matters little, I respect him for standing up.

Randy420: I agree 100%, and BTW when I hope he knows when we send him $$ its for his blogging , his job, cause he ain't no charity case, ...

Randy420: Have you seen his man in the mirror video from a few months ago? he started boogieing and serenading a senior citizen, it was odd yet very compassionate..

ghost: Did not see, I am 59 years old, and hate his slang, but respect what he does.

Randy420: Im 39 slang doesn't bother me, though his hat is the ugliest damn thing i've ever seen in my life.

Randy420: lol :)

ghost: agree Randy, I once offered to by him 3 custom suits, and he turned me down

Randy420: If you offered me 3 custon suits id turn you down too, cause I haven't worn a suit since my bar mitzvah a few decades ago hahah..

Zuma Dogg: GHOST! You live outside L.A. County. I couldn't make it out to you. And I'm not committed to wearing suits enough to take three buses and train and a taxi. But thanks for helping sponsor today for me and everyone else!!! Sleeping a lot better now that I have a bed in a room! (Surprising research!)

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