Sunday, January 24, 2010

LA Daily Blog Ranks #2 In State of California This Week...PLEASE PAYPAL $1 DOLLAR TO SHOW SUPPORT!

Ya's not like people aren't reading my blog. It ranked #2 for the week on BlogNetNews weekly ranker of 100 CA news blogs. Last week, my blog ranked #4, while Mayor Sam's blog was NO WHERE to be seen in the rankings (and he quit that day).

I have a lot of content to offer...but I GOTTA eat a little more. Check this blog from this weekend, alone. It's a lot of content, and a lot of content that no one else is providing. I am ready to blog and post videos all day long and all week long. But I really can't do anything without proper nutrition. And you can't tell me ALL OF YOU are 100% BROKE. I know times are tough, but are you telling me that ALL OF YOU ARE SO BAD OFF THAT YOU DON'T HAVE FIVE BUCKS TO PAYPAL ZUMA DOGG??? Check the content and if you don't think it's worth five or ten bucks, or whatever you can afford, then how about you just go read some other blog. (If you have EVER donated, then you are cool, and you have a lifetime subscription.) BUT SOME OF YOU!!! So if you have never donated to ZD to help cover expenses of this blog and attending council meetings and all that...then please stop reading my blog. So if someone can PayPal something to keep me blogging and posting video all day, please do. And if not, please stick to RonKayeLA and the other blogs.

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