Thursday, January 21, 2010

LIVE VIDEO FEED: Zuma Dogg LIVE Streaming Webcam NEWS for Thursday 1.21.10

Here's where the ZumaCAM LIVE feed would be, where I would be appearing all day today cranking out new content, but I gotta focus on getting five bucks for food ASAP. It's kind of a shame that people with all the money to be able to do everything ZD wants to do, DOESN'T DO IT, and I want to do it ALL (attend every council meeting, blog everything I hear from everyone, do LIVE VIDEO FEEDS round the clock) -- but can't function over food money. A lose-lose situation. Someone said they PayPal'd me, yesterday, but it didn't go through and they are still waiting around to see, as if it is going to go through. It doesn't work that either works right away (goes through), or it didn't work, at all. But the person is still waiting checking up, thinking it will still come through. AGAIN, it doesn't work that way, so it wasn't sent properly in the first place. So Zuma Dogg comes to a screeching halt when if the PayPal payment would have simply worked the way the person had intended, I would be blogging new info here today and the ZumaCAM stream would be up and I'd be here all day on camera. Instead, I'll be laying in bed watching TV, panicking. A lose-lose situation.

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