Monday, January 18, 2010

This Is Where New Content Would Have Been Posted This Morning and All Day Long

Oh can I concentrate on blogging when I am so hungry and have so much financial pressure (to eat)...and I am unpaid and unsupported as a blogger. I don't have time to be the city's only unpaid reporter. So I have to leave it to others until I have some food in my stomach and a few bucks to operate. Check out the other blogs in the meantime. Please donate money in lieu of comments saying how all of this activist blogging is my destiny and my purpose and I have to keep doing it. You do what you do as a job without a paycheck at the end of the week, then say that to me.

UPDATE: Here are four new Zuma Dogg Public Comment Videos from Friday's L.A. City Council meeting on YouTube. GOOD, funny, RANTS. YIKES! (A couple people helped me on PayPal this morning, so want to thank them and let people know there are people out there. But PLEASE keep it going, if you can. ZD's a cheap date. The donation from earlier today is gonna buy a lot of blogging productivity this afternoon and this evening. Help me to keep on truckin'. Council meeting, tomorrow (Tues.) I would like to try to make. Meanwhile, here are the links to Friday's rant-fest.

  1. Zuma Dogg Public Comment - ZD Blasts Councilman Richard Alarcon Over D.A...
  2. Zuma Dogg Public Comment - City Allowing Vending in Parking Lot, But NOT...
  3. L.A. Quality & Productivity Czar Calls For Oversight Over L.A. Mayor
  4. Zuma Dogg Public Comment: 3-1-1 Graffitti Removal Service WORKS!
8PM: ZUMA DOGG, now on YouTube isn't good for uploading video via webcam. Have to bust out the Stickam, cause I can do much more LIVE video streaming in this new Venice Video Blogging Studio. So Stickam, it is. Here's a warm up, intro sample show to say, "Hello," to the Stickam universe. More videos at

It's the LADailyBlog PLEDGE DRIVE to FEED blogger @ZumaDogg and keep him jacked up on energy drinks for next week. See PayPal link on blog. (It's YOUR turn, y'all!)

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