Thursday, January 28, 2010

VIDEO: L.A. City CAO Miguel Santana's BUDGET REPORT at Van Nuys City Hall (Budget & Finance Committee Special Meeting from Monday)

Zuma Dogg got a preview of this speech by Los Angeles City CAO Miguel Santana's DEVASTATING budget report at the Quality & Productivity Meeting a couple weeks ago. HERE is the presentation at the SPECIAL Budget & Finance Meeting that took place Monday at Van Nuys City Hall. The NEXT DAY (Tuesday) he delivered this report to Council and Department Heads at City Hall, and all hell broke loose in the media with stories on TV 2, 4, 7, 11 -- and former mayoral hopeful Eric Garcetti declared it, "a full-blown budget emergency.) I posted my notes based on THIS EXACT SPEECH, earlier this week. HERE'S THE VIDEO! To those of you who follow City Hall, the mayor and council: THIS IS THE BIGGEST MUST WATCH VIDEO OF ALL sets the agenda for the rest of this year, into next year and beyond. PLEASE WATCH. (Sorry for the slightly "off" angle. But it's at least a stable camera angle.)

MORE VIDEOS on this topic.

ZUMA DOGG 6pm LA City News Update: Recap of Twitter News Tweets - A LOT OF CONTENT and some uncomfortable ranting on former mayoral hopeful Eric Garcetti, the leaderless punk!

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