Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BREAKING NEWS on L.A. City Council Meetings and BUDGET (Plus TV 2, 4, 7, & 11 ALL Have News Stories on "FULL BLOWN BUDGET EMERGENCY")

It's a "full-blown emergency with the worst downturn to our city's revenues since the Great Depression," according to Los Angeles Shitty Clowncil President Eric "I Want To Be Your Mayor" Garcetti. Here's the LATEST UPDATE including news from Garcetti saying ALL CITY BUSINESS will be CRAMMED into Friday. Find out why in this video. Interesting L.A. Mayor Antonio "What Me Worry" Villaraigosa (who has never been better) was no where to be seen on TV today. Loser Spokesfumbler Matt Szabo is the new face of disaster as Antonio makes sure HIS face isn't associated with this bad news. (GOOD MOVE OUT OF NLP!) ALSO: Zuma update on L.A. City Council's vote to push medical marijuana sales onto city sidewalks, residential streets and parks as gang members celebrate!

BONUS VIDEO: Audio of Zuma Dogg on Kevin James 870 KRLA 9pm hour on "full blown budget emergency," to quote Council Leader(less) Eric Garshady.

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