Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zuma Dogg L.A. City Twitter Update For Saturday Night (1.15.10) Villaraigosa, "Genuinely Happy and in a GREAT PLACE" (As L.A. on "Auto-Crash Course)

  1. Unfortunately, for L.A. City Council, "kids watching at home," is NOT the standard of measure for the 1st Amendment. SORRY, Charlie.
  2. @EricGarcetti, hope you are watching 2nd Appeals Court judges telling FCC that, "kids watching at home," is NOT a 1st Amendment argument.
  3. @EricGarcetti You may feel Dowd's comment that, "Judge will tear Council a new asshole," was sexual, but judge will ask, "what was context?"
  4. @EricGarcetti:ZD is listening to FEDERAL JUDGE on C-Span say parents who do not want kids hearing things on LIVE TV cannot dictate for rest.
  5. 2nd Appeals Judge on 1st Amend says, "most restrictive minority (parents who don't want kids hearing things) cannot dictate for rest of us.
  6. WHY MATT DOWD WAS ILLEGALLY BANNED FROM COUNCIL MEETING (Why he will win MORE 1st Amendment Lawsuit Money!): Last (cont)
  7. I'm glad LA Times is quoting Mayor V as, "being in a great place," but when L.A. declares bankruptcy, he'll be in TERRIBLE PLACE with OBAMA.
  8. HEADS WILL ROLL!: When L.A. City declares bankruptcy and FEDS have to bail out, the BOOKS WILL BE OPEN and HEADS WILL ROLL! (Chirp, chirp!)
  9. CORRECTION: Antonio Villaraiogsa not in just a "good" place...he's in a "great" place. Sorry for the typo. (Rest of L.A. still fucked!)
  10. I'm REALLY happy L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa is in "a good place" thanks to yoga and his new girlfriend. The rest of L.A. CIty...NOT SO GOOD!
  11. As City of L.A. faces bankruptcy with CRIPPLING service loss, "genuinely happy," and "life is good" is NOT what I want to hear about mayor.
  12. "GENUINELY HAPPY": Eric Garcetti re-assures us in L.A. Times that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa seems "genuinely happy." Isn't that GREAT NEWS!
  13. Life is good these days, according to Villaraigosa. He's on treadmill more, sleeping better, 20 lbs lighter, doing yoga. ISN'T THAT GREAT!
  14. RT @LANow: Villaraigosa says exercise, yoga, eating better have him in a good place (WHAT GOOD PLACE? HE'S IN DENIAL!)
  15. LA DAILY BLOG ranks #4 this week on ranking of 100 California News blogs. TOP L.A. blog. Mayor Sam drops out of Top 20.
  16. LA DAILY BLOG TOP STORY: City of Los Angeles will be FORCED to declare BANKRUPTCY in three months. Ask Villaraigosa or Garcetti to DENY it.
  17. LA Daily Blog Week In Review & BREAKING NEWS...City of Los Angeles to DECLARE BANKRUPTCY in Three (3) Months (DO TH...
  18. SUPPORT @ZumaDogg activism for a week. Donate now via PayPal. See PayPal link. Meetings and blog go away FAST w no food.
  19. ZumaDogg's DREAM KARAOKE DESTINATION: Took bus to MALIBU PIER last night for Karaoke @Pier DREAM COME TRUE! Karaoke at Malibu Ocean. FRI 7p.
  20. FRIDAY NIGHT KARAOKE @MALIBU PIER: You should take trip to Malibu Pier, FRIDAYS (7p-10p) for karaoke dance party. Like private country club!
  21. "UNDERMINE": That is the word that comes to mind when I think of Los Angeles City Councilmember Richard Alarcon.
  22. URGENT NOTICE TO CITY OF LOS ANGELES CREDITORS: City of Los Angeles to file for BANKRUPTCY in about THREE (3) MONTHS. ZD did the numbers.
  23. HOLLYWOOD about to get dose of BIGGEST phony actors in town as Villaraiogsa & Garcetti to appear on TV soap opera. Hope TV career takes off!
  24. Now that @ZumaDogg finally has cable internet connection in an apartment, McDonald's now offers FREE wi-fi. WERE WERE YOU PAST THREE YEARS?
  25. Zuma Dogg's Rant on Richard Alarcon's D.A. Investigation Makes KABC News Report - AND MORE Twitter Tweets on Politi...
  26. Some people think Alarcon felony voter fraud residency issue isn't big deal. Maybe someone is upset about multi-million city dollar loss?
  27. WHY ALARCON DOESN'T HAVE HIS OWN HOME: I wondered why the Councilman who gives the, "American Dream of home owners (cont)
  28. CORRUPT POLITICIAN MOVE: Puts all property in relatives' names. Govt cannot seize property of relatives. See Del Mar PENSION COMMISSIONERS.
  29. BAD EXCUSES OF ALARCON SUPPORTER: Not as bad as Cardenas. All the CMs do bad things. He's a hero to Latino kids. Museum scam not big deal.
  30. CALL EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONSE: Wendy Greuel dead at the wheel in L.A. City Controller's Office. SEND CRP!
  31. PAUL KORETZ: THANKS for "stimulus money oversight" motion in response to ZD's public comment asking for oversight over irresponsible mayor.

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