Monday, January 4, 2010

Zuma Dogg's FIRST Twitter Update For 2010, as we begin 2010's, "A Decade of Zuma Dogg"

  1. L.A.'s KLOS radio is SO outdated and terrible, the stockholders of ABC need to be put on alert that it is needlessly under-performing.
  2. ZUMA ON DEMING'S 14 POINTS: When people hear me speak of the City's need to implement Deming's 14 management point (cont)
  3. LA DAILY BLOG READERS: Please read the longer Twitter posts I am doing instead of having to post entire threads. More content in long-run.
  4. I WOULDN'T BE SO SHAMELESS TO MAKE THIS UP: Last night at karaoke, I took to the mic and say, "My name is, 'Zuma D (cont)
  5. CITY COUNCIL RETURNS ON TUESDAY: Now that Janice Hahn is running for Lt Governor I hope she doesn't hit the button (cont)
  6. Some people would call taking a nap at 12 noon on a Monday, "being a bum." I call it catching up on much needed sleep. OR, maybe I am a bum!
  7. Now that I have new apt with bed, and I stopped drinking coffee, I am finding I sleep a lot more than the 3 1/2 hrs a day that I used to.
  8. The BIG question: Now that I am living in new Venice apartment, will I hop on the bus to attend a council meeting tomorrow? Why would I?
  9. JANICE HAHN: Council has lots of important business to do, sweetie. I know you're running for Lt Guv, but please don't blabber on endlessly.
  10. MESSAGE TO JANICE HAHN: Now that you are in Lt Governor CAMPAIGN MODE -- DO NOT use Council meeting for LONG WINDED GRANDSTANDING! WATCH IT!
  11. Calling for "AUDITS" vs "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" (Listing Problems vs Method For Solutions)
  12. ZUMA MAJOR EVENT ALERT: Keep Friday Jan. 29th open for MAJOR ZUMA EVENT in Venice/Santa Monica area: 7p-11p.
  13. DEMING'S 14 PTS vs "AUDITS": People sure do love to call for audits in this city. There is nothing people LOVE to (cont)
  14. Zuma Music Radio 25 - Lite Lounge (Roxy Music, Sade, Cure, Bowie, Madonna, U2, more)... - NO STRESS MIX
  15. NEW L.A. City Ordinance: All Holiday lights on your home must be removed by Wed Jan 6th or you'll get $500 ticket. The city needs the money!
  16. KARAOKE ALERT: ZD will be performing at Rick's Tavern on Main St in Old Santa Monica at 9:30pm. Other good bars and food in the area, too.
  17. LA DAILY BLOG: Ranked #2 on Blog Net News "Most Influential" of 100 California News Blogs. Thanks for reading.
  18. VENICE BEACH: One of the most packed days at Venice Beach in this nice weather. Saw Bill Rosendahl walking, too and we hung out for a while!
  19. THING ABOUT FED $: It's like The Godfather, once you take the money (that they make you take) THEY are the shot callers.U DO WHAT THEY SAY!
  20. FEDS WILL HAVE TO GET INVOLVED: Once Obama & D.C. has to step in to bail out L.A., Villaraigosa will be mere water boy as FEDS call shots.
  21. PAPARAZZI ALERT: Harvey Levin of TMZ (the paparazzi show) is at Chaya Venice (Main & Navy) in the window. You can video the shit out of him!
  22. How ironic that CRAIG "X" RUBIN is headed straight where he falsely tried to have ZD sent. I wonder if this would be happening otherwise?
  23. HEY CRAIG "X" RUBIN: Did you ever happen to find that magic voice mail message you said you had of ZD, or were you just FULL OF SHIT?
  24. CRAIG "X" RUBIN: Karma is a BITCH pal. And so are you. Can I visit you in prison if you aren't beaten to death on the first day?
  25. HAPPY NEW YEAR to CRAIG "X" RUBIN. Try not to get beaten to death in prison this year as you face 9-12 yrs. The guards are gonna LOVE YOU!
  26. Venice Beach DELIVERS as regions TOP TOURIST attraction as hundreds of thousands of people packed the area like SUMMER WEEKEND! Looked good!
  27. Even if it wasn't only 2nd day of year, it still would've been one of the best days of the year at Venice Beach. 100s of 1000s of people!
  28. You know, City Hall DOES HAVE a "Quality & Productivity" Department (a la Deming's 14 points) but it's an Antonio Dumbaraiogsa version.
  29. It's a shame: Controller Wendy Greuel should be the one calling for "Quality & Productivity" at City Hall, but she's too dumb to understand.
  30. With council back Tues., ZD woke up with City Hall On The Brain and was gonna blog all the new stuff for '10, but why bother. I can retire!
  31. SEE BIGGER PICTURE!: You can call for change at City Hall with empty exhortations. BY WHAT METHOD? YOU HAVE TO FIX THE SYSTEM FIRST! 14 pts!
  32. I just read CityWatch 2010 New Year Edition. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. People like to blow HOT AIR and see it in print. Makes 'em feel good!
  33. I just read a list of 20 things Neighborhood Councils should do this year. OH, is THAT all? You forgot to say, "create world peace for all."
  34. THEN CUT THE GREEN TALK: "I look forward to working with u in overcoming our common challenges and reaching our shared goals." -Villaragiosa
  35. "The challenges facing LA in '10 are myriad & daunting. It will take exceptional leadership...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH." SPECIFICS PLEASE!!! 14 Pts
  36. Dear Blogger/Columnists: If you read back your article after writing it and it only "calls for action" without providing answers START OVER!
  38. Thanks to everyone who left ZD "Happy New Year" messages via phone or email. I read/hear them all. Thanks again!
  39. Zuma Music Radio 24 - Random Friday Night Music Mix: (Mostly Rock, no rap)
  40. Zuma 's New Years Update - Happy New Year, Y'all...Looks like it back to life for Big ZD as we enter 2010 and "A De...
  41. It's nice not having TV or internet in my apartment. Just hanging out in the neighborhood community.
  42. As U Can See, not having internet in my apartment has brought my blogging to a hault. Don't feel like hanging out in coffee shops for wi-fi.
  43. 2010="A Decade of Zuma Dogg!" ZD debuted on Howard Stern in April 2000 and "The Zuma Dogg Show" debuted on public access shortly thereafter.

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