Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zuma Dogg's L.A. Daily Blog - L.A. City News TWITTER Update for Sunday (1.31.10)

No post today due to lack of support and food for the editorial department. New info is posted in the Twitter feed column. Check there. Thanks, ZD.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Activism doesn't pay, so let the rap music play. Since people who read this blog for activism reporting about L.A. City Hall are either TOO BROKE to support me with five or ten bucks; or HAVE MONEY, but are just too cheap. Either way, activism doesn't let the rap music play: (Casey Kasem Voice: This is Casey Kasem, for L.A. Daily Blog, your spot for round-the clock hip hop.

PLEASE PayPal ZD because I need to buy more rap music on iTunes. I only have about 60 good rap songs and that's not enough to sustain a round the clock rap music format. It will get stale too quickly. Please donate NOW to help support this "culture and arts" blog.

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