Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zuma Dogg's L.A. Daily Blog, NOW your Official Spot for Hip-Hop

NO PAYPAL DONATIONS means activism doesn't pay, so I'm just gonna play, hip-hop all day. For all of my meeting attendance, blogging, video posting and all the info I strive to dig up and present to the public...IF I CAN'T EAT AT THE END OF THE DAY, OR BEGINNING OF THE NEXT DAY, it makes me think, "I MAY AS WELL JUST DO NOTHING AND LISTEN TO RAP MUSIC ALL DAY!" So LA Daily Blog is now YOUR ONE STOP HIP-HOP SPOT, and I will be featuring rap music all day on the LIVE Zuma Cam feed and will update you on all the latest hip hop news. People that like hip-hop spend money on things like ringtones and rims and sneakers and stuff like that. So maybe the hip hop crowd will support me more than the activist crowd. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE RAPPERS WHO ARE UP FOR GRAMMY AWARDS TONIGHT!

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