Friday, January 8, 2010

Zuma Dogg's Los Angeles Daily Blog TWITTER Updates for Friday January 8, 2009

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AND NOW, on with the countdown:

  1. Zuma Music Radio 26 - Rock & Roll Happy Hour:
  2. EMERGENCY NUT FEST SCHEDULED FOR THIS SUNDAY!: Bring balloon to fill with the HOT AIR! -
  3. RT @foxnews: POLITICS: Schwarzenegger Releases $83 Billion Budget for 'Tough Times'
  4. RT @LATimescitydesk: Governor warns of deep fiscal crisis as he unveils California budget plan. Our early online story:
  5. MATT DOWD YOUTUBE VIDEO: BANNED for 30 Days! Featuring Zuma Dogg, Dennis Zine & Michael Carreon.
  6. Thanks for rent free apartment near beach and for paying deposit & DWP bill with FED Stimulus $! People mocked ZD for doing things for free.
  7. @shwayze @mrciscoadler AW YEAH! Fellaz...ZD has new retirement apartment near Santa Monica beach by Chaya Venice/Main St. Obama is paying!
  8. FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY: Paid for my apartment security deposit and my 1st month of DWP electric. (I don't pay gas/water/trash.) Hellz Yeah!
  9. FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY PAYS ZUMA DOGG'S DWP BILL!: Thanks to Barack Obama whose FED STIMULUS MONEY is paying for my first month's DWP BILL!
  10. LAUGH OR CRY?: Villaraigosa announces creation of anti-gang academy (Become a trained intervention worker!)
  11. Quality Mngmt: Obama: "I will hold my staff & agencies accountable for implementing security reforms." "Hold accountable" doesn't mean FIX.
  12. PAUL KREKORIAN: Please be a much better CM than you were ASSemblyman when it comes to BUDGET & spending. And remember, NO GIFTS! Love, ZD
  13. PAUL KREKORIAN: Don't get it twisted, people. Unlike another blogger, now that Paul is in - as the new CM, he's my favorite CM! Up to him to lose.
  14. PAUL KREKORIAN: Oh...I can JUST TELL, as soon as this guy gets comfortable...he's gonna try to steal ZD's thunder with leadership talk.
  15. PAUL KREKORIAN: Looked so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at CM meeting yesterday. Was so focused on my public comment, almost made me nervous!
  16. PAUL KREKORIAN: Not happy another ASSemblyman is Councilman, but I'm glad we have a new CM who will try to steal the show with FRESH IDEAS!
  17. QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY: I think the #1 FRONT LINE job for mayor is to EMPOWER employees to "get the job done!" They know how! Unleash them.
  18. 3-1-1 GRAFFITI REMOVAL WORKS!: ZD called 3-1-1 on some bad graffiti on a wall I like to look at. WAS REMOVED WITHIN 24 HRS! (14 PT WINNER!)
  19. JOHN PEREZ officially elected new speaker of CA State ASSembly. Look for former speaker Fabian "Nucklehead" Nunez to run for a Council seat.
  20. Quality & Productivity Commission: Council hears presentations from CAO, CLA, etc. ZD would like Council to hear one from Q&P Commission.
  21. ZUMA DOGG'S 1st CORPORATE BLOG SPONSORSHIP: The Zuma Blog Network (including L.A. Daily Blog) will be featuring L.A. Tourism campaign. SOON!
  22. Interpreting W. Edwards Deming's 14 Points (Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity)
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