Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zuma Dogg's TWITTER FEED Column on LA Daily Blog - Constantly Updated NEW CONTENT Between Blog Posts

It seems to me that I can post a lot more content and cover a lot more ground with constant TWITTER updates, throughout the day, than what can be expected as blog posts. Blog posts are good for expanding an issue (not everything can be covered in 140 characters), but at the same time, you would have to read through 35-40 blog posts a day to cover all the topics I can mention and link to via TWITTER tweets.

So this is a reminder, to check the TWITTER column of this blog throughout the day, cause I post something every time a thought crosses my mind. At the end of the day, I usually post the most recent TWITTER TWEETS in a blog post. So you'll catch it all anyway on this blog, but if you want to catch stuff as it breaks, check the TWITTER column on the upper right hand of this blog throughout the day. (Feed also available at


  1. ZD, NOT a big fan of politicians who run for elected positions to start City Council campaign machines. Was BIGGEST issue w Tamar & Paul.
  2. Now that dust has settled on the CD 2 City Council election: TAMAR GALATZAN still sickens me most, for using LAUSD SOLELY as council campaign gig, from START.
  3. I warned RICHARD ALARCON MANY TIMES, in person, off camera of concerns I had of INSANITY of WRONG DOING. He thought he was too slick for ZD.
  4. L.A. needs to have a "General" FUND RAISER since Reserve Fund is DANGEROUSLY LOW. Top actors & music stars could appear on televised event.
  5. There is a legal required amount of money City of Los Angeles has to have in RESERVE FUND. It is SO tapped, IS IT BELOW LEGAL LIMIT?
  6. GLOBAL INVESTOR ALERT: City of Los Angeles tapped RESERVE FUND to plug budget. Now, DANGEROUSLY LOW. Nothing to replenish with but HOPE.
  7. NUTTY DONNA PEARMAN HATES everything Villaraigosa has done, but is O.K. w BIGGEST PROBLEM: Gave union raises City COULD NOT AFFORD. SELFISH!
  8. DUMB COMMENT BY NUTTIEST PERSON EVER (D PEARMAN): Is against pension reform & says unemployed people shouldn't comment. Sorry, I'm affected!
  9. In '74, Elton John & John Lennon performed @MadisonSquareGarden. Today, Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd perform @VeniceBeach. Don't miss out twice!
  10. @ZumaDogg & Matt Dowd...PERFORMING LIVE, today @VeniceBeach in front of Sidewalk Cafe famous red awning. Rare legendary performances as duo.
  11. @ZumaDogg & MATT DOWD to perform LIVE @VeniceBeach today. Last day before long rain spell. Come out and witness the legendary spectacular..
  12. How did LA DAILY BLOG end up #4 for the week on BlogNetNews ranker while Mayor Sam's blog dropped out of Top 20 ENTIRELY. Oh well, thanks!
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  15. Zuma Dogg L.A. City Twitter Update For Saturday Night (1.15.10) Villaraigosa, "Genuinely Happy and in a GREAT PLACE...
  16. Unfortunately, for L.A. City Council, "kids watching at home," is NOT the standard of measure for the 1st Amendment. SORRY, Charlie.
  17. @EricGarcetti, hope you are watching 2nd Appeals Court judges telling FCC that, "kids watching at home," is NOT a 1st Amendment argument.
  18. @EricGarcetti You may feel Dowd's comment that, "Judge will tear Council a new a**hole," was sexual, but judge will ask, "what was context?"
  19. @EricGarcetti:ZD is listening to FEDERAL JUDGE on C-Span say parents who do not want kids hearing things on LIVE TV cannot dictate for rest.
  20. 2nd Appeals Judge on 1st Amend says, "most restrictive minority (parents who don't want kids hearing things) cannot dictate for rest of us.

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