Friday, January 1, 2010

Zuma 's New Years Update

Happy New Year, Y'all...

Looks like it's back to life for Big ZD as we enter 2010 and "A Decade of Zuma Dogg." Yes, Zuma Dogg made his debut in 2000 on the "Howard Stern Show," and started "The Zuma Dogg Show" public access cable TV show) shortly thereafter.

Many of you reading this know me from the past (nearly) four years as a city hall blogging, video posting, radio calling gadfly, as seen on TV 35. But that is merely the 35%-40% of the "Decade of Zuma Dogg." (3 1/2 years out of a decade is about 35%-40%.)

Recent readers of my blog know I have been trying to break the recent activist pattern of round the clock blogging and attending council meetings for a while now. But was stuck in that rut, cause I was stuck on the streets (homeless) in wi-fi coffee cafes from 5am-10pm (like Richard Gere in "Officer and a Genetlman" who had, "no where else to go.")

And it could be the simple fact that I don't have wi-fi piping in from anywhere in my new apartment, but I do feel like I am off the activist treadmill (at least for now) and HOPEFULLY won't be sucked into blogging about all the nutty minutia of city council/city hall world. I've said everything that could possibly be said over the past three, and especially past year and a half. And now those douchebags can try to prevent COMPLETE disaster of a "Rodney King" scenario playing out on the streets of L.A. on a daily basis. And all you nutty NIMBYS can go find solace in trying to cut council salaries in half as the solution.

It really streeses me out when I am in activist "on" mode due to my nature of having to blog it and rant about it and head down to the council meeting to expose it on TV and the whole routine. I've lived a VERY NARROW intense and concentrated life the past year and a half and past three years. Before all of this activism, my New Years Eve used to be mansion surfing in Malibu where I could literally walk into ANY private event in a club or mansion and immediately become the VIP invited guest of honor (no matter what Academy, Emmy or Grammy Award winner was in the room, too.) This New Year's Eve, I wander the streets by myself with nothing except my legendariness and new apartment to recover and try and start my over life again, from less than scratch. So the way it feels on New Years Day 2010 for ZD, is it's been a hell of a ride over the past "Decade of Zuma Dogg," as it played out on the streets of Los Angeles and on cable TV (and YouTube/internet.) I didn't get any type of MTV deal or Comedy Central show, not even a weekend late night show on a crappy AM radio station, not a square column inch in any newspaper...nothing. But I got my apartment in a nice part of town and the "Forrest Gump" like experience of the past ten years where I've met thousands and thousands of people who have just said the nicest things I could have ever wanted to hear.

So I feel like quantum physics balanced out the situation...ain't never gonna be livin' in those Malibu mansions I once ruled...but I got my small little unit of housing near the beach and quiet part of town -- and all the great memories of all the people I have met and all the fun I've had (along with Matt Dowd, these past four years). I've always said, "I've compressed time" over the past three years and entire "Decade of Zuma Dogg." (Cause the public access/comedy Zuma Dogg was just as intense, just comedy/music not activism) instead of in my 60's, I've retired in my 40's.

IT'S OVER! IT'S NEVER GONNA BE MORE THAN ZD TAKING THE BUS TO DOWNTOWN CITY HALL TO BURN MYSELF OUT FOR THE DAY AT THE COUNCIL MEETINGS, THEN BLOGGING IT, THEN TALKING ON THE PHONE ABOUT IT, THEN BEING CRANKY AND BURNT OUT ABOUT IT. I'm enjoying reflecting back on it all as Seinfeld looks back on his nine years of "Seinfeld," but not feeling compelled to keep the ball rolling. (If someone wants me, they can hire me. I've climbed MY mountain and proved whatever it is I needed to prove. (How many more wild predictions do I have to make, then wait to come true, then say, "I told you so." If you want me, write me in as a Mayor candidate, next election. Otherwise...figure it out and expose it, yourself.)

Again, I've said it all about where the city was headed, and it headed there...and from here on in, the only thing I am interested in talking about with anyone is "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" and how they can be applied to the City of Los Angeles in 2010. And when the stock market is at 5000 this time next year...that's YOUR PROBLEM, and I ain't gonna waste my life trying to alert everyone. But remember...City of L.A.'s financial future is tied to Wall Street in a VERY DIRECT WAY!

So if anyone from the City or County (or any business or community group) is interested in talking about Deming's 14 Points and laughing with me at how the City violates each and every one at every level, give me a call. I'm available as a paid consultant. And the other topic I am interested in getting back to in 2010 is NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic-Programming). And if there is ANYONE in the city that needs to read up on that it's TEAM HAHN. (Man is she the textbook for all violations.) KEEP YAPPIN' JANICE...and don't worry about "negative embedded commands" or "mixed neuro-associations." (Why add strategy to communication, now?)


And Nuch....try to figure out a few things in 2010. (You're no Bill Rosensdahl.)

Lots of blogging and videos to come in 2010...but if you're a nutty NC wannabee that is just in it for the battle...I hope this blog becomes a big bore to you. Now that I am back to sleeping in a bed (not sleep deprived on the streets playing out a Jack Bauer-style activist mission), I remember there is a world out there and other things to discuss other than people like Ed Reyes, Janice Hahn, Paul Krekorian or Herb "Ultimate Loser" Wesson. I mean, even Antonio...who really cares about these people in all reality?

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