Thursday, February 18, 2010

BUFFOON OF THE DECADE AWARD RECIPIENT: Los Angeles City Councilmember Grieg Smith

[Pictured: Here's what a world-class DOOFUS & BUFFOON looks like, I think we can all agree.]

In a shocker to many, but no surprise at all to Zuma Dogg after hearing this sissy whine and complain that Zuma Dogg was just making stuff up about how bad the L.A. City Budget Emergency has been over the past three years -- LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL MEMBER GRIEG "I WANNA TEACH" SMITH, tops even ED REYES as BIGGEST BUFFOON OF THE DECADE and is humiliated recipient of this award. "Mrs. Doubtfire" Smith is on target to claim the BUFFOON OF THE CENTURY, as well. LESSON TO BE LEARNED: If you don't know what the fuck you are talking about, keep your mouth shut. (In other words, keep your mouth SHUT, Grieggy-Poo!) You had your chance over the past decade and you did nothing. In other words Bigshot...YOU BLEW IT! NOW ZIP IT! Capishe!

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