Tuesday, February 23, 2010

JANICE HAHN's Weak-Ass Political Operative "Gotcha" Tactics On Gavin Newsom (How About Mindful Issues, Janice? You DON'T have the BRAINS for THAT!)

Now that L.A. City Councilmember JANICE "KHAHN" HAHN is has hired John "Schmuckman" Shallman and Michael Trujillo to smear around all that "old skool" and OUTDATED political operative, "gotcha" hit crap, that worked SO WELL for Shallman during the Essel campaign...a scorpion can't change...so let's show how WEAK Janice Hahn's strategy is during her Lt. Governor campaign versus Gavin Newsom.

In THIS video, the BIG ISSUE is that Gavin Newsom doesn't even know what the Lt. Gov office does. They are trying to make it seem like he is ignorant of the information, so I had a look...and it's just Gavin on some hip hop station -- POKING FUN at the office as currently administered, by saying, "I don't know WHAT they do." As in, "Gee, I don't know WHAT an L.A. City Councilmember does all day." (In context of poking fun.) BUT JANICE HAHN & MICHAEL TRUJILLO'S brilliant strategy is to INSULT YOU by thinking they are deceiving you as to the ACTUAL spirit of Newsom's jab at the office's nebulousness.

THEN, when asked if he would run for the office of Lt. Gov, there is a quickly edited, "yes," -- but it is edited so quickly (you don't get to hear anything beyond such a tightly edited, "no," IT MADE ME WONDER THE CONTEXT IN WHICH THE "NO" WAS UTTERED. (For example, was he asked if he would run for Lt Gov BEFORE HE ANNOUNCED HE WAS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR, OR PERHAPS HE WAS ASKED WHILE HE WAS STILL RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR. Point is, when people see a quick edit like that, YOU AGAIN ARE INSULTING US IF YOU THINK WE FALL FOR IT.

It just shows how OUT OF TOUCH these outdated Ace Smith worshipers have actually become. Janice is letting her team put out press releases saying Gavin is trying to PUSH WOMEN out of the way. It's JUST NUTS!!!! I GUESS GAVIN SHOULDN'T RUN BECASUE A WOMAN IS RUNNING AND JANICE HAHN IS THE NEW HILLARY CLINTON. (They have ONE thing in common...the most ANNOYING TONALITY!)
Dear Potential Deaf, Dumb & Blind Dummy Sucker,

There's been a lot of talk lately about whether or not Gavin Newsom is going to get into the Lt. Governor's race. So, we made a quick must-see video about what Gavin doesn't know about being Lt. Governor.

Don't you think California's problems are a little too serious right now to have a Lt. Governor who doesn't even know what the office does? [I think it's a little too serious to have a Lt. Governor that brings up the sale of keychains in a non-existent gift shop to solve $500 million budget gap is a BIGGER problem. AND JANICE...can't you educate the voters as to YOUR QUALIFICATIONS AND GAME PLAN ON ACTUAL, Umm, ISSUES, MS. SMART-STUFF!]

Janice Hahn got into this race because of the four E's economy and jobs, education, the environment, and empowering local government. [CUTESY, FOLKSY SLOGANS WORK GREAT!!!] She knows what the Lt. Governor does and what she's fighting for. [SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT ITEM SHE'S EVEN TALKING ABOUT DURING THE COUNCIL MEETINGS? WHAT YOU TALKIN' ABOUT, WILLIS?]

That's why she's running, gaining momentum, and picking up endorsements. [She's running so she can help keep her non-profit mess covered up and un-investigated. PLUS, not enough kickback money from the ports in this down economy. Have to go for BIGGER pie!]

Let's get California on the right track and make history together electing California's first-ever woman Lt. Governor. [And remember, you should base these decisions on the dream of a "first-ever!" Gavin may run circles around Janice, but that mean man is trying to prevent the FIRST EVER!!!! WHOOOPTY DOOOOOOOOOOO! (and Hoooooooty Hooooooooo!)

Thanks for everything,
Michael Trujillo
Campaign Manager
Janice Hahn for Lt. Governor

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