Thursday, February 4, 2010

"L & F" Mayor (Loser & Failure) To Hold Press Conference at 3:45pm TODAY to Announce IMMEDIATE BUDGET ACTION (He Should Start By Firing HIMSELF!)

[Pictured: A most tragic day in L.A. City history as empty-headed, corrupt punk is sworn in for second, city-destroying term. I tried...I ran for mayor against this pussy. But I didn't have a nice enough suit for most activists to get behind. ]

The headline said it all. At 3:45pm "L & F" Mayor (Loser & Failure) Antonio Viagraosa (who just happens to be happier than ever thanks to avoiding the budget for two years, yoga and Lu Parker) will hold a press conference to let people know about the IMMEDIATE ACTION he is going to take to help save our city. TOO LATE, you little punk-ass, bitch! I know ONE place you won't be living once you are kicked out of office...YOUR OWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 14...YOU COULDN'T WALK THE STREETS IN EAST L.A. TO SAVE YOUR LIFE. (Which is what it would come down to if you tried.) SO ANTONIO IS NOW IN THE CATEGORY OF O.J. SIMPSON: Karma has caught him. He may be a free man, but he can't walk the streets of his own neighborhood, and will be forced to leave the city once he leaves office in shame or under indictment. (THIS AIN'T OVER PUNK! OBAMA AIN"T GONNA PUT UP WITH WHAT YOU DID UNDER HIS NOSE, CLOWN. YOU RAN INTO A "SCARFACE SYNDROME" ANTONIO. (You got TOO COMFORTABLE in you own corruption and you went WAY OVERBOARD, and wait until the Meureulo Maddox stuff comes out, and the pension money gets looked into, and the Children's Museum money, and the CRA money -- and OBAMA MAY WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???

So good luck at your, "too much, too little, too late," Press Conference, you low-grade, emotionally-weak, greedy bastard. YOU'RE OVER! You can stew in your disaster for the rest of your life. YOU WILL HAVE NO WHERE YOU CAN DINE IN THIS CITY WITHOUT MEN WITH GUNS PROTECTING YOU!

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