Friday, February 19, 2010

L.A. City NEWS FEED Via Twitter (LA Daily Blog) - L.A. City Council Announces 4000 Layoffs "By Any Means Necessary"

[Having to call for the immediate elimination of 4000 jobs (and related services) brings a tear to Jan's eye.]
  1. GRAND AVE PROJECT: Was supposed to create tons of jobs and revitalize downtown L.A. as "economic hub." City & County's BIGGEST failure EVER!
  2. When you read Andrew Cuomo's 24 pg report on Wetherly Captial PENSIONGATE shenannigans, makes you say, "NO ALTERNATIVE PENSION INVESTMENTS."
  3. RT @villaraigosa: Strong move by City Council -led by Parks, Perry, Smith, Reyes- to downsize LA City govt
  4. Council Prez says cutting civilians while protecting police seen as a "big pill to swallow." Mayor disagrees.
  5. ASSembly feathers stick together: ALARcon, Koretz, Krekorian the 3 and only NO votes on today's council action for 4000 layoffs for Wall St.
  6. "We're going to have to reduce the services we provide." - Former Assemblyman, Current L.A. City Councilmember Paul Krekorian
  7. "I don't think there is any way we can avoid significant layoffs and signifcant loss of services." - Former Assemblyman. CM Paul Krekorian
  8. "I don't know how we provide services to the city and I think it's a DEVASTATING mistake." - Paul Koretz. (Yeah, Paul; past 3 yrs has been.)
  9. 4000 layoffs is ONE THIRD of 12,000 general fund staff. That's enough to drag down the other two-thirds and bring ENTIRE DEPTS TO HAULT.
  10. RT @LANow: Cortines recommends who should run 30 campuses; charter schools wanted more
  11. MY, how times have changed in ONE WEEK: Last week Garcetti said, "Let's revisit layoffs in 30 days." This week, "Layoff 4000 by any means!"
  12. When Wall St wants to see 4000 people layed off, which esentially shut city down, it's because they are only looking at numbers on a sheet.
  13. When you're sitting on 45th floor of NYC skyscraper, it's easy to say, "Layoff 5000 as a starting point" cause YOU won't have to LIVE here!
  14. WE HAVE? Is he a fortune teller?: RT @BarackObama: Our work is far from over, but we have rescued our economy from the worst of this crisis.
  15. BUFFOON OF THE DECADE AWARD RECIPIENT: Los Angeles City Councilmember Grieg Smith
  16. They Can't Even Run The City NOW...L.A. Council Agrees to 3,000 MORE Jobs Cuts by JULY 1st (HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!) ...
  17. I think the red rubber nose is about to be jammed onto Carmen Trutanich's nose by the People of L.A. if he's talking collective busts today.
  18. HEY TRUTANICH, TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF STEVE COOLEY'S ASS and worry about REAL SAFETY EMERGENCY before us. Collectives are NOT it, my man!
  20. NUCH, when you have a thin staff and are using it to shut down collectives when WE have MASSIVE CRISIS in L.A., makes me say CUT HIS OFFICE!
  21. PERFECT TIMING: I think the BEST TIME to talk about laying off police is right after you just released THOUSANDS of prisoners early. FUN!
  22. "By any means necessary?" L.A. City line on laying 4,000 people. Does that mean shooting 4,000 people, if needed? That's REAL Elimination!
  23. City Council Votes to Cut 4,000 Jobs
  24. RT @villaraigosa: Read my blog on what we're doing with LA's stimulus funds: (WHATEVER IS IS, DIDN'T WORK! Squander!)
  25. TO REPEAT, #1 REFORM CITY OF L.A. MUST MAKE, above ANYTHING ELSE...LACER pension money MAY NOT be put into "Alternative Investments!" NOT #2
  26. #1 REFORM CITY OF L.A. MUST MAKE: LACERS pension $$$ MAY NOT be put into "Alternative Investments" on Wall St. READ CUOMO REPORT on my blog!
  27. JAN PERRY finally gets SOMETHING RIGHT!: During endless conversation on nutty NC $, suggested moving to REAL BUDGET in light of Moody's!
  28. GRIEG SMITH JUST CALLED FOR THE MAYOR to appoint a new General Manager for DONE to replace Bong Water Kim. Ha! ZD AGREES! What a loser!
  29. Ed Reyes whining that low-income people from other countries have "translation issues" (barriers) to Neighborhood Council participation. LOL
  30. Zuma Dogg L.A. City News Update For Thursday 2-18-10 (FOX 11 News Report on WASTED FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY & Weather...
  31. ANDREW CUOMO 24 PAGE INVESTIGATIVE DOCUMENT on Wetherly Captial & Hank Morris. ZD BROKE STORY! Here's 4-1-1 from Cuomo!
  32. LA Daily Blog had some TECHNICAL difficulty this week. I see some of my stats dropped to ZERO (0) for 2-17, while other stats still worked.
  33. FOX 11 NEWS Report on L.A. City WASTED FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY ( A lot of money...hardly any jobs!)
  34. $300 MILLION DOLLARS: That's how much Zuma Dogg estimates Meruelo Maddox owes City of LA in UNCOLLECTED TAX LIENS. Why did you let it slide?
  35. So how did LA use its Stimulus Dollars?: Most would think a couple hundred million bucks from the government would.
  36. LA NEXT?: California city wants to start charging $300 for fire response 911 calls for RESIDENTS, $400 for non-residents.

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