Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NATIONAL ALERT: Tension BUILDING at Los Angels City Hall as RECORD SIZE CROWD Overwhelms Chambers and Spill Into Auxillary Room (For First Time)

Zuma Dogg has been attending council meetings for about four years (since April 4, 2006) and today, inside Los Angeles City Council chambers, it was the biggest crowd I have ever seen of angry and outraged people who expressed concern over council's short-sightedness and lack of action. (Like the old Woody Allen quote from "Annie Hall": "The food was lousy...and in such small portions.) For the first time that I have seen in the past four years, so many people not only filled the chambers to record capacity -- but spilled over into the corridor, until they had to open an axillary room and get some speakers going.

After public comment, his majesty Eric Garcetti, wanted to make sure everyone walked away feeling "warm and fuzzy" so asked to "suspend the rules" to allow him, "to talk for ten minutes, or so." (WOW...he REALLY needs to spin extra, SUPER hard. Needs to SUSPEND THE RULES to try and calm an angry mob...which is what it's turning IN-TO, y'aaaaaaaaaall!

Had to bring in some extra cops -- AND A COUPLE RIOT SQUAD COPS, just in case. The 30-meeting banned Zuma Dogg is still allowed to attend the meetings, and showed up for a little pre-quorum roweling of the crowd to the tune of "Jan Perry is AEG's dirty street whore who gave away the city and now wants to fire YOU!" ( shooting fish in a barrel...but even ZD was shocked when the crowd burst out into a round of "Hooody hoooos!" (NOT GOOD FOR COUNCIL!)

Here are some videos from the new "Super-stealth" Zuma POCKETCAM! (Awe yeah! Matt Szabo LOVES it, already.) And next time Zuma Dogg says, "Jan Perry never should have interrupted me in the first place, " MAKE SURE YOU COME OUT ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ISSUE WHEN YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ME, or I will be notifying the community that you have a blood relative in your family who attends your Christmas holiday events who is proud to be a current "representin'" gang member -- and isn't too happy with the way he screws his own community. (She told ZD quite a lot when we met in person. I TOLD YOU FUCKERS YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT ZD. I'M MEETING FACE TO FACE, IN PERSON, WITH YOUR BLOOD RELATIVES WHO ATTEND YOU CHRISTMAS EVENTS THAT COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR PERFORMANCE AS COUNCILMAN, SIR! (SO YOU BETTER THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU POP OFF WITH THE WRONG ANSWER!)

You see, the response ZD got to, "that was still protected speech by FEDERAL LAW." He said, "Not in these chambers." So THAT means we have a problem, BITCH! Send Janice Hahn's Gang Intervention Unit over to your Holiday Gathering this year for a family session!


[Mr. Szabo The Clown, not to be confused with Bozo The Clown told Zuma Dogg he, "preferred not to go on camera." ZD preferred that he DID. REQUEST DENIED, FOOL!]

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