Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Online News Source For Los Angeles - LA City News (

New online source for L.A. City News:

LA Daily Blog is Zuma Dogg reporting on city issues and I have a certain filter I use before something is posted in my Twitter feed.

LA City News will have a wider filter and will be a place to post a wider range of L.A. City News with emphasis, of course, on the BUDGET EMERGENCY.

LA City News is created to be more of a news wire where I will post additional things, I'm not current Tweeting -- and won't have the Zuma Dogg "editorial" and "perspectives" and ZD "whatnot."

Just getting started on a "slow news Sunday" but take a peek:

Basically a blog and Twitter feed where I can post and tweet a lot more stuff from other news sources across the internet, without clogging up my own Zuma Dogg Twitter feed with the basic "news wire" stuff (that is also being reported everywhere elsel, but still want to posted for the record (and my own reference when doing Zuma Show News updates.)

And since ZD blogs round the clock, chances are you'll catch it at L.A. City News before you find it and hear it most other places. (Having no job has its benefits!)

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