Thursday, February 4, 2010

NEW Zuma Dogg Show VIDEOS: FULL 20 minute HOWARD STERN SEGMENT , plus MORE Never Seen Footage from ZD's Video Vault!

IF ZD BLOGGING ACTIVISM is supported with PayPal donation today ($20 or more), I'll go LIVE ALL DAY on a Budget rant w/ REAL DETAILS. ZD Show (public access show) reruns from the year 2000 till then!

Since activism doesn't pay, time to get back to my roots. Here are some NEW videos from "The Zuma Dogg Show" public access show that has NEVER been posted on the net. SEE FULL 20 MINUTE HOWARD STERN SEGEMENT. (Only 4 mins posted on YouTube so you've only seen a little bit of full segment.) PLUS, Zuma Dogg Invades N'Sync concert (HILARIOUS!), unseen Venice Beach footage, AND clips for ZD Invading the Vanity Fair Academy Award Party. The Zuma Dogg Show made it's debut in 2000, and now...ZD will be streaming FULL EPISODES round the clock on LA Daily Blog. Here are some excerpts.

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