Friday, February 19, 2010

SEIU Declares WAR on City of Los Angeles - EXPECT TRASH TO START PILING UP!

TOP STORY: Jan Perry pisses off the entire family of L.A. City workers with her last minute, out of the shady blue sky motion to lay off 4000 workers -- AND BANS ZUMA DOGG FOR 30 COUNCIL DAYS. The shady queen of kickback money just walked RIGHT into it. SEE YOU IN COURT, MS. FAST FOOD KICKBACK QUEEN!

Pictured: It's HARD to look THIS bad without the use of controlled substances. Maybe that explains her erratice behavior that will now be the problem of a Federal Judge (as a starting point...WATCH THE DOWNTOWN NIGHT CLUB KICKBACK MONEY, JAN! Hope you don't get CAUGHT with your hand in the cookie jar, now that ZUMA DOGG WILL BE FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE!)

Zuma Dogg spoke with SEIU members today who were there to tell me, very emphatically, that it is, "WAR" against the City of Los Angeles.

The conversation started when I approached the union members seated in chambers at today's L.A. City Council meeting. Now that Jan Perry made a sneaky, under-the-radar motion (WITHOUT PUBLIC COMMENT) requiring 4000 city workers to be laid off (by ANY MEANS NECESSARY), ZD asked workers if they felt it was more prudent to take 90% of a salary (a 10% giveback), as opposed to 100% of NOTHING when they are sitting at home, laid off.

I wasn't trying to be disrespectful, I was just thinking that now it is one-third (33%) of the city workers calling to be laid off, if I were playing Russian Roulette, I wouldn't feel good about a one in three chances of taking the bullet (LAID OFF...ZERO PAYCHECK, as opposed to 90%.)

The union rep organizer quickly snapped back, "It's WAR with the City of Los Angeles. Wait until the trash starts piling up on the streets. It starts to smell bad, real quick. The mayor and city council went into this entire process with the preconceived notion that they were going to lay people off. We went to them to implement cost saving ideas that the union proposed. Things like early retirement. We want to see another 300 people in the next three weeks. And what about all the stuff you've been talking about, Zuma Dogg. All the waste. There's a lot of money out there, but they just want to lay people off. So it's WAR!"

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