Thursday, February 18, 2010

VIDEO REPORT: L.A. City MELTDOWN As Council Orders "ELIMINATION" of FOUR THOUSAND (4000) Positions (City Will Become Non-Operative)

Zuma Dogg L.A. City News Recap (Jan Perry calls 4000 layoffs a "technical correction;" City's Downtown economic revitalization plan CANCELED. and ZD hopes Carmen Trutanich focuses on what REALLY matters now.)

[FYI: Mr. Kim did NOT say, "That's the best that I can do." He said, "I'll do my best." Which IS different, CLOWNcilmember Smith. Mr. Kim went on to say he, "would have the report done if he had to crunch the numbers, himself." (But Smith wasn't interested in hearing that, he just wanted to hop around like a fool and rant and rave.]

[Ed Reyes whines that due to large amounts of people from outside the country, there is a "translation issue" at the Neighborhood Council meetings and that is disenfranchising.]

[Council Discussion Part 1]

[Council Discussion Part 2]

[Council Discussion Part 2]

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