Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zuma Dogg - L.A. Daily Blog TWITTER Update for 2.4.10 - "1000 People Getting Fired To Cover Villar & Garcetti's Mess" Day

  1. The Zuma Dogg Show - Best of Classic Public Access Comedy Show (Clips from 2000-2002)
  2. ZUMA EXPRESS TO CITY HALL APPROVED: LA transportation officials approve rail line linking downtown to Santa Monica:
  3. NEW VIDEO POSTED: Classic Episodes of "Zuma Dogg Show" comedy public access show. NEW MATERIAL NEVER POSTED:
  4. RT @villaraigosa: "Everyday we fail to act, we lose at least another $300,000 from our reserve fund." No bitch, every day YOU fail to act.
  5. RT @villaraigosa: "I have to do everything in my power to restore the fiscal health of this city." Start by stepping down and leaving L.A.
  6. I hope you are enjoying the $5 you don't feel like PayPal'ing ZD to post new VIDEO UPDATES. I am enjoying NOT doing them! Win-win.
  8. ONCE AGAIN ZD's L.A. Daily Blog posts information (about mayor firing 1000 people) before LA Times or ANY BLOGS. I haven't eaten all day.
  9. RT @jillstewart: RT @laweekly Mayor 'Orders' 1,000 City Jobs Slashed - Los Angeles News - LA Daily
  10. "Now, all those things that seemed so important; well mister, they vanished right into the air." Springsteen "The River" (Hello, LA Council)
  11. @josehuizar BRAGGING about his, "talk on budget issues on radio." HUIZAR, YOU DUMMY, you didn't know SHIT at the meeting yesterday, clown!
  12. Meruelo Maddux UPDATE (from MM insider): Mmpi has court tomorrow to try to get the green giant back from the (cont)
  13. I'm broadcasting my live Stickam stream at
  14. "L & F" Mayor (Loser & Failure) To Hold Press Conference at 3:45pm TODAY to Announce IMMEDIATE BUDGET ACTION (He S...
  15. Mayor Dummiaragosa to announce IMMEDIATE BUDGET ACTIONS today at 3:45pm. He should start by FIRING HIMSELF! - AV="L & F" (Loser & Failure)
  16. At 3:45pm today Mayor Douchebag Dummiaragosa will hold a press conference to announce immediate actions to balance the City budget.
  17. L.A. City ENTIRE FINANCIAL FUTURE tied to pension money overly invested on Wall St. If Wall St takes a dive in '10, City is SUNK. Down 270!
  18. I HATE when the only food I have are FREE Medijuana cookies collective gives me. Have to eat them for food value, then I fall asleep at 2PM.
  19. RT @LAObserved: LA Times' quasi-poll to name worst Angeleno ever gets gamed, Villaraigosa comes out on top.
  20. My friend Robert from sends me excellent and insightful emails about the (cont)

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