Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zuma Dogg's L.A. City News Update Via Twitter (All The News That's Fit To Link) MASSIvE UPDATE!!!

  1. RT @LANow: Construction will close sections of 405 Freeway http://bit.ly/9hO4Pw
  2. RT @LATimescitydesk: Proposed California cuts would end assistance for most new legal immigrants: http://bit.ly/cg3GyQ
  3. Economic recovery is still a year away: Jobs will continue to drain from Los Angeles County through... http://bit.ly/9prkPn
  4. Breaking news: Supervisors OK Grand Avenue Park development: County supervisors agreed Tuesday to lease public lan... http://bit.ly/9HgImL
  5. RT @villaraigosa: My blog post on what the online Budget Challenge means: http://bit.ly/9Dz0aO
  6. Breaking News: Video of L.A. City Council President (and former child actor) on ABC Soap Opera (As opposed to the o... http://ow.ly/16AZCB
  7. Think I just bumped into one of those, "non-violent" early release prisoners. He confronted ZD on the street over "pen mentality" stuff.
  8. RT @LANow: L.A. schools chief Cortines calls for unity amid crisis and a culture of no excuses http://bit.ly/d9XIZ2
  9. RT @ladailynews: Mayor: Give me your ideas to cut the budget: Angelenos concerned about the city's budget crisis can... http://bit.ly/95otZE
  10. LA School Board Wants Parcel Tax: The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education agreed today to put a... http://bit.ly/cDqGnd
  11. RT @villaraigosa: Met with folks at the Silver Lake Library to talk about budget choices and share this online tool: http://bit.ly/92v28w
  12. RT @villaraigosa: The "budget challenge" survey is a great way to learn about our budget process: http://bit.ly/9Dz0aO (Phony questions!)
  13. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg L.A. City News (2-16-10 - Part 1) Villaragiosa Speaks To L.A. Times (WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS!) http://ow.ly/16AXdS
  14. BACK ON THE RADAR: ZD just contacted by NYC firm over THIS EXPLOSIVE exclusive on Andrew Cuomo investigation/cover-up: http://ow.ly/181co
  15. Q&A with Los Angeles City CAO Miguel Santana - http://ow.ly/180ue
  16. City of Los Angeles NEWS UPDATE for Tuesday 2/16/10 http://ow.ly/16AP6f
  17. @GriffithParkWay Guess you don't like the idea, either...LOL!
  18. AWE YEAH!: @ZumaDogg has the Wetherly Capital "Pay-Per-Play" PensionGATE document from Atty Gen ANDREW CUOMO. 24 pages. Email ZD, will send.
  19. How come when someone told me they suspect Tony C hired someone to shoot into someone's house through window over a dispute, I BELIEVE THEM?
  20. ERIC GARCETTI has a really SHARP looking hair-cut today. Never looked better. City of L.A. never been worse. At least appearances are nice!
  21. JANICE HAHN speaks as though she has ANYTHING unique or insightful to add. JANICE, if you said NOTHING, NOTHING WOULD BE ANY DIFFERENT, Nut!
  22. SEEMS KINDA UNSAFE?: I don't know; transferring workers (librarians, etc) to trim trees around DWP electric wires seems kinda risky/unsafe.
  23. A FIRST FOR ZUMA DOGG: Matt stopped by to pick me up for council meeting and I just stayed home. ZD NEVER TURNED DOWN RIDE TO MEETING, EVER!
  24. As long as I'm an unpaid volunteer when I do something; much rather listen to music at home & go to beach than downtown for council meeting.
  25. DWP Head David Freeman just said, "I don't know why we don't just fire all the contractors and hire city workers." IS HE FINALLY SUBMITTING?
  26. "Shuffling Chairs on Titanic": That's the name of my new book about L.A. City Council and their measures to close $500 million budget gap.
  27. What type of desperate, empty-headed, no-life LOSER would sit around and listen to Heidi, Frosty & Frank on KABC radio? I must be out of it.
  28. If someone wants to hire ZD to cover city hall, let me know. Otherwise, gotta STOP ALL OF THIS and MOVE ON. Blew off council meeting today.
  29. Just got email from NYC "due diligence" firm marked URGENT w question for ZD about PENSION ISSUE!. I DON'T GET PAID,but NYC has to call ZD!
  30. A Conversation with L.A. (FAILURE) Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (A Comedy Transcript From Los Angeles Times) http://ow.ly/16Auut
  31. When mayor says, "if we don't move quickly to identify new revenue options," he doesn't mean adding PayPal to city website. TAX & FEE HIKES!
  32. MEDIA IS PROBLEM?: I'm not here to point fingers, notwithstanding the fact that you guys love the battle between the mayor and council." -AV
  33. VILLARAIGOSA FINALLY COMING OUT OF DENIAL: "The fact is I've contributed -- I'm part of the problem." (On massive budget deficit he grew.)
  34. RT @latimes: Mayor Villaraigosa talks L.A. budget woes, layoffs, public safety with Times editors and reporters http://bit.ly/ckD4gN
  35. ANY STRIPPERS OUT THERE?: ZD had great idea. Get some hot strippers in my studio window and see if they can cause an on-looker car accident.
  36. A NEW ZumaSHOW coming later this evening. Currently airing show from this afternoon. Check back and when you see dark background, it's LIVE!
  37. A senior lady left me a handwritten note addressed to, "Zuma Man." LOL! Like Superman and Batman, now there's "Zumaman!" She DID need help!
  38. If you accidentally leave the gas stove on in your house, and it burns down...OOPS, you pulled a "Garcetti." (When you REALLY fuck up!)

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