Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zuma's L.A. Daily Blog: Ranks #1 (again) on Blog Net News (Twitter Update for Sunday 2.07.10)

Of course, I only focus on the part that I don't get paid, but my blog (once again) TOPS the Blog Net News ranker of 100 California News blogs with another #1 ranking. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THIS ROUND THE CLOCK EFFORT? It's #1 on a ranker of 100 blogs (including blogs of newspapers, radio hosts, national political figures, etc.), for whatever it's worth. I know SOME of you can afford $5, $10, $20, whatever.

Instead of LESS blogging, NOW ZD has ROUND-THE-CLOCK video content like KNBC News Raw and the major cable outlets, except ALL CITY HALL ACTIVISM and the stuff you care about. ALL ZD...ALL THE TIME! Keep checking in throughout the day for LIVE breaking news and round the clock content.


  1. Not TOO Nutty: Mayor Sam felt SO COMPELLED to come out of retirement for special post. NOT ABOUT CITY/BUDGET, but to whine about Phil J? from HootSuite
  2. @ZumaDogg's LA Daily Blog Ranks #1 this week (again) on Blog Net News ranking of 100 California News Blogs. LIVE ZumaCAM may have helped.
  3. SATURDAY UPDATE -- NEW 24 Hour VIDEO Programming on L.A. Daily Blog (Round The Clock L..A. City Activist Talk!)
  4. Although I strive to write high-level articles, sometimes it's just fun to scream, "He's a clown, he's a dummy and I want him to shut up!"
  5. For some reason, I woke up today and for some reason the amount of LA Daily Blog subscribers DOUBLED??? Must have caught some feed link?
  6. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg L.A. City Council NEWS UPDATE for Friday 2-05-10
  7. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS Richard Alarcon for his decorum & behavior during budget hearings. RUDE & UNIFORMED=ZD BLASTS U!
  8. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg Public Comment on Grand Ave Project and Prop 1C - HILARIOUS RANT -
  9. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg Demands City Payment To Be Taken From City Council's $40 MILLION SLUSH FUND! - COMBATIVE -
  10. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg Explains Shady REAP Program in ONE MINUTE at L.A. City Council Meeting: -
  11. RT @WSJ: The Dow dropped below 10,000 at the bell this morning. Follow the markets with @peteramckay here:
  12. RT @LAObserved: In case anyone wondered, City Councilwoman Jan Perry reiterates she's running for L.A. mayor in 2013.
  13. RT @LANow: Showdown brewing between L.A. mayor and city attorney over layoffs
  14. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS Richard Alarcon for his decorum & behavior during budget hearings. RUDE & UNIFORMED=ZD BLASTS U!
  15. "You're full of shit." - L.A. City Councilmember Richard Alarcon to L.A. Quality & Productivity Czar Zuma Dogg at today's Council meeting.
  16. Can the D.A. LOCK UP Richard Alarcon Already: He's LOSING it under pressure and is disruptive force during budget t...
  17. RICHARD ALARCON does not have the stamina to make it through this budget mess. He's ALREADY unraveling in committee meeting. LOCK HIM UP!
  18. There is NOTHING as fun as listening to corrupt thug Richard AlarCON argue with city experts when he doesn't know what he is talking about.
  19. The D.A. needs to yank Alarcon already. He's SUCH a disruptive force in council meetings when they have SERIOUS budget issues. SHUT UP PUNK!
  20. Even though I'm BROKE & HUNGRY PAST FEW DAYS, thanks to all my past supporters. ZD's committed to providing continuous webcam entertainment.
  21. I'm broadcasting my live Stickam stream at started: Fri, 00:28 PST
  23. When @ZumaDogg figured out & predicted ENTIRE budget crisis from subprime, to Wall St pension losses to revenues (cont)
  24. CAO executive told me if Wall Street goes DOWN in 2010, CITY WILL FALL INTO A FINANCIAL BLACK HOLE over PENSION MONEY: Wall St down 200 pts!
  25. GOOD LA WEEKLY ARTICLE about FAILED Grand Ave Project (See Eli Broad/Jan "Downtown Decimater" Perry)
  26. WHY VILLARAIGOSA HAD TO ANNOUNCE 1000 LAYOFFS TODAY: Besides having to (falsely) show voters they have done (cont)

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