Friday, March 26, 2010

CITY HALL FALLING INTO ZD's TRAP: Zuma Dogg Declares 30 day ban OVER...if they don't let me speak Tuesday, They Better Have Cops STANDING BY...

Zuma Dogg did something he REALLY doesn't like to do...he had to call TWICE!

Yesterday, I called Trutanich's City Attorney office to find out when the illegal 30 "council days" ban on Zuma Dogg is over, because I think it's about over. The receptionist was very receptive, as they always are when the Big ZD calls in...and she took details to get back to me.

WELL, as I watched the madness on City TV 35 today, otherwise known as the L.A. City Clowncil circus, I realized I had not heard back from the City Attorney's office, so I did what I HATE to do...


When you KNOW Zuma Dogg does not play, and is NOT the one to FUCK WITH...

Why did I have to make a second call? They know I am the most serious mutherfucker in town!

But what makes it REALLY when I called back a second time today, the next receptionist knew NOTHING about it, and I had to start all over, and she explained there are five different people answering the phone. So I immediately thought of Deming's 14 Points and asked, well isn't there a log or record of my inquiry and where it was sent.

Unfortunately, I was told. "no," and had to start from scratch, EXPLAINING MYSELF ALL OVER, FOR A SECOND TIME. (You KNOW how much I hate to have to say something twice!)

But this receptionist, also ZD-friendly, took the details and made me feel confident that it would be looked into.

WELP...It's after hours on Friday, and I did not hear back.

SO TO ME, that say, there IS no ban preventing ZD from speaking during the pubic forum, or the ban is over...or whatever. But all I know, in MY BOOK, if you don't tell me when it's IS over...and I will be there to speak on Tuesday, and if you prevent me, you better have the cops ready, cause ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, I WILL be expressing myself in chambers during public comment, and I am BANKING (no pun) on you clowns BLOWING IT, EVEN MORE, cause at this point, I'm just going for as many damages as possible for the FEDERAL LAWSUIT you will be losing.

HEY NUCH, you didn't have to call me twice when you needed shit when you were running for office, and I never let you down.

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