Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey DWP FATSO BRIAN D'ARCY...if you are going to go on TV you really should work on your appearance (What's with that hair?)

For all his money, DWP Fatso, big-shot Brian D'Arcy certainly isn't spending any of it on his appearance. First of all, FIX YOUR HAIR? What the hell IS that? Secondly, it looks like you can't even control your emotions when you look at your face. How many prescription medications and how many bottles of wine do you drink, per day? I am concerned when decision makers like D'Arcy, Villaragiosa and that little hillbilly shit David Freeman are all fucked up when they make these decisions over hookers and lap dances. Anyway, tough guy D'Arcy (who looks pretty soft to me) is threatening to strike and the arrogant fool says he will stick up for his workers as vigorously as possible. HEY DUMB FUCK...the workers aren't the problem...the alcoholic, drug taking decision makers at the top are. And Zuma Dogg knows how to fix you good, pal. Too bad the rest of the community will be chasing their tails around, as usual. BUT, if any of you REALLY wanna fuck his shit up, ZD has the game plan. Mr. D'Arcy you name is Zuma Dogg and ask your hooker pal Villaraigosa about me. You're gonna be drinking yourself into a stupor over it.

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