Thursday, March 25, 2010

I CAN'T STOP...New ZumaSHOW now streaming...LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN...ZD it before i delete it!

Am so broke and down and out I really DO hope I die as soon as possible because another day is a luxury I simply can't afford, but I'm not TRYING to die. So as long as I am alive, it causes more stress to NOT do a show, than to do one, cause I have these rantings bouncing around in my head, and if I don't channel it somewhere, it makes it worse. (I guess that's the fuel behind most creative processes.) SO ENJOY THE BI-POLAR FUELED RANTINGS. WILL BE CHECKING IN WITH NEW SHOWS THROUGHOUT THE DAY, PROBABLY. ENJOY THIS NEGATIVE ENERGY WHILE IT LASTS. And a big frustration of mine besides not having a cent, most days, is I can't get anyone to talk about anything besides dumb council shit. I think there are tremendous business opportunities here in L.A., right now, but you people cannot stop talking about council for ONE SECOND. SO DON'T CALL ME IF IT IS ABOUT CITY COUNCIL.

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