Thursday, March 4, 2010

L.A. City News Update for 03-04-10: KNBC 4 Investigating City Hall's Fancy Trips; Is AEG Broke & Council Announces Plan Can't Be Processed In Time

  1. VIDEO - ZUMA DOGG & MATT DOWD L.A. CITY UPDATE: Council's plan can't be processed in time, AEG is BROKE and WE TOLD YOU SO'S...//

  1. RT @LANow: Union workers plan protest at Villaraigosa's pre-Oscars bash
  2. LA County sheriff gave early release to 200 inmates this wk, saying there was no place to house them:
  3. RT @latimes: California misses out on federal funds RT @LANow
  4. "PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. If we worked round the clock, three shifts a day we couldn't get it done in time." (Response on processing layoffs.)

  1. BREAKING NEWS: KNBC 4 NEWS doing INVESTIGATIVE REPORT on Mayor & City Council's world-class luxury trips at taxpayer expense. OUTRAGEOUS!
  2. VILLARAIOGSA spins L.A. Budget EMERGENCY in Huffington Post -
  3. TODAY, LA. mascot Antonio Villaraigosa is actually, celebrating the grand opening of Costco in Pacoima.: You have GOT to be kidding. BUDGET?
  4. WHEN CITY COUNCIL comes up with solutions they cannot process & are downgraded over "lack of action," term "inept" is not just name calling.
  5. ALTHOUGH THEY PORTRAY an air of competence and arrogance, I think L.A. City Council has CLEARLY proven to the world THEY ARE 100% INEPT!
  6. CITY HALL'S BUDGET CHALLENGE: Cannot process layoffs fast enough. Has to drive 100 miles in one hour, when car only drives 30 MPH.
  7. LAYOFF'S CANNOT BE PROCESSED IN TIME: Anyone who thinks L.A. City's "layoff" plan will prevent bankruptcy needs to watch Item 4 from 3/3/10.

  1. MORE SUPERGRAPHIC CRACKDOWN - Warrants are issued against four people accused of installing illegal supergraphics.
  2. L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa finalizes first list of city job cuts. FAILURE! -
  3. RT @LATimescitydesk: LA County Sheriff Lee Baca says early inmate releases 'inevitable' if budget crisis continues:
  4. VIDEO: KNBC 4 NEWS stops by Zuma Dogg's Venice Blog Studio for investigative report. BEHIND THE SCENES -

  1. L.A.City Council expecting another Moody's downgrade. "Do not believe city acted quickly enough." Just too slow. Shucks!
  2. AT THIS POINT, I think Janice Hahn's relentless blabbermouth and stupidity during this emergency should be considered a misdemeanor crime.
  3. City Layoffs May Not Save Enough Money: A plan to eliminate 4,000 municipal jobs in Los Angeles may not save as mu...
  4. Villaraigosa to co-host reception for Oscar nominees (As if they want to hang out with LOSER mayor. Vanity Fair, watch out!

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