Friday, March 5, 2010

L.A. City News Update for Friday 3-5-10: City Attorney, READ THE LAW regarding EXPENSIVE Undercover Sting of PERFORMER Matt Dowd's sale of own CD!

[PICTURED: What is it about, "PERFORMERS NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE SELLER'S PERMIT" (at Venice Beach) DON'T YOU IDIOT CITY ATTORNEY'S UNDERSTAND??? FIVE LAPD, and court time and expense for a BOGUS undercover bust of Matt "FEDERAL PLAINTIFF" Dowd. (Looks like retaliation against political activist with FEDERAL COMPLAINT against the city. THE SUPERIOR LEGAL MIND OF MR. DOWD THANKS YOU FOR THE ADDED DAMAGES, NUCH!]

  2. I uploaded a YouTube video -- Zuma Dogg "Don't Stop Believing" On Bike at Venice Beach
  3. L.A. CITY CREDIT CARD ON HOLD?: USE WAY UP! 70% goes for tools and equipt. End up paying off long after usage ends. Pay-as-you-go, L.A.
  4. 5 LAPD, court time & expense: A lot of resources and money spent on "undercover bust" of performer Matt Dowd for protected act at Venice.
  5. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg FREE CONCERT @ Venice Beach: ZD sings "Don't Stop Believing" on bike riding down Venice Boardwalk. CROWD PLEASER!
  6. $470,000: That's how much Council had to deposit into Federal Court on Hunt/Dowd lawsuit. Zuma has additional BIGGER suit. When does it end?
  7. NOTICE TO L.A. CITY ATTORNEY CARMEN TRUTANICH: Until now, ZD said all these mess ups were ROCKY'S. From here, it's YOUR office moving ahead.
  8. CARMEN TRUTANICH: Please ask your idiot city attorney's to read, ""WHO IS NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE SELLER'S PERMIT" regarding Matt Dowd ticket.
  9. CARMEN TRUTANICH: Your BONEHEAD city attorneys REALLY did it this time. Ask about Matt Dowd's Venice ticket. JURY TRIAL! Don't be a clown.
  10. Zuma Dogg TWITTER UPDATE: Political News & Commentary from L.A.'s Bi-Polar Paul Harvey!
  11. ZD FISCAL CRISIS: COMPLETELY broke, not a cent , up at 3am out of hunger. If you can PayPal $20 NOW, will solve crisis for ENTIRE WEEKEND!
  12. HEY L.A. COUNCIL: This update on your lavish spending on out of state/country trips (vacations), courtesy of her Madame Pro-Temp Crackhead.
  13. If an L.A. City Councilmember attends a "business related" convention, should city pay for spouse's trip and registration, too, CM Parks?
  14. GRIEG SMITH: Big crybaby pussy when it comes to budget crisis, but is one of TOP SPENDERS when it comes to expensive trips on city money.
  15. Jose Huizar & Dennis Zine: You should vote to end practice of "cash advances" to pay for your expensive trips. Huizar, nice excuse to NBC.
  16. ONE THING L.A. city council members can agree on: Always a good reason to fly to Vegas for some convention or event...paid with city money.
  17. BERNARD PARKS: Complains about budget issues. How come you stayed at most expensive hotel in area on council trip, ignoring recommendation?
  18. FORGET UNCOLLECTED DEBT: Make Council pay back money out of general fund used to pay for Council's luxury trips and we'd be fine. WENDY!
  19. I think it's GREAT that Jose Huizar attends his annual Princeton reunion. He makes enough to afford it...WHAT, PAID FOR OUT OF GENERAL FUND?
  20. After hearing details of KNBC4 investigation into council's lavish "business" trips, thinking council's main function is planning next trip.

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