Monday, March 1, 2010

L.A. CITY NEWS UPDATE for Monday 03-01-10 (Outrage Building Over Shady DWP "Green Fee" (This ain't a golf course, Antonio!) SEE YOU AT THE TOWN HALL!

THE DWP SHADY GREEN FEE (CARBON SURCHARGE) will be TOP ISSUE at the TOWN HALL meeting, Sunday April 4th at 1pm at THE ARENA at 1625 N. Las Palmas (and Hollywood Blvd.) The mayor says he has research showing YOU are willing to pay an ADDED SURCHARGE -- ON TOP OF ADDITIONAL RATE HIKES ON TOP OF THE PREVIOUS ONES. SHOW HIM THAT YOU ARE NOT!

Here is all the news that's fit to link from L.A.'s new "online only" news source. (All links go directly to full, original article...only one click.)

  1. LA TIMES RECAP: Shady LA Businessman AGREES to take down supergraphic. Bail reduced to $100,000. AGREES? How gracious.
  2. RT @KFINEWS: Sacramento Bee: Jerry Brown will announce tomorrow he's running for governor
  3. Breaking news: LAX assistant chief resigns after withdrawing name from TSA nomination: Erroll Southers announced M...
  4. RT @villaraigosa: I look forward to working with new Speaker to better serve residents of L.A. (Thought you're talking about serving LESS!)
  5. THERE IS JUST NO TALKING MEDICAL MARIJUANA COMMUNITY into NOT starting a recall campaign on Trutanich over his Medijuana stance. We'll see.
  6. L.A. CITY NEWS: No hype, no hoops. Each link takes you DIRECTLY to full original post. (Only one direct click.) News that affects YOU!
  7. L.A. CITY NEWS: L.A.'s new "online only" news source. News about L.A. Budget and Services EMERGENCY and other L.A. City News.
  8. L.A. Library Facing Drastic Cuts; Movement to 'Save the Library' Launched They're not BLOWING THEM UP, just cutting hrs.
  9. RISKY PENSION INVESTMENT?: CalPERS complaining to Merck over AIDS drug pricing.
  10. Breaking news: City officials come up with $26.5 million in savings: A special working group of city officials has...
  11. L.A. CITY EMERGENCY NATIONAL NEWS in HUFFINGTON POST: "Cutbacks, Layoffs And LA's Uncertain Future" - (Hi Eric & Wendy!)
  12. DOUG MCINTYRE "DAILY NEWS" COMMENTARY: L.A. council dithers as city nears fiscal cliff -
  13. RT @LosAngelesCP: Los Angeles: L.A. Mayor Wants Surcharge To Pay For Green Energy
  14. Businessman to be arraigned today for illegal supergraphic: A Pacific Palisades businessman arrested...
  15. Calif. Cities Start Charging for 911: Today, callers to 911 in Loma Linda, California will be charged... (L.A. next?)
  16. L.A. Next?: Loma Linda to charge for 911 calls starting today. residents charged $300 for each call, nonresidents: $400
  17. JUST AS DWP RATE HIKES WERE REVEALED Mayor Villaraigosa claiming voters are committed to "green" with new DWP "surcharge. Do we get to vote?
  18. RT @Matt_Szabo: Refreshing to see LA voters want City to invest in green power, and are willing to pay for it with a surcharge. (HE'S 5150!)
  19. RT @Matt_Szabo: LA voters remain committed to green energy - and a carbon surcharge to pay for it - even in the midst of recession. (LOL!)

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