Wednesday, March 3, 2010

L.A. City News Update For Wed 03-03-10 - KNBC Interviews Zuma Dogg For INVESTIGATIVE STORY on City Hall's EXPENSIVE TRIPS & JUNKETS


For the details of the KNBC 4 News INVESTIGATIVE STORY that will be coming out soon (next week, probably), watch THIS video.

(I'm not gonna type it all up, when I just said it in this video. People like watching TV more than reading, right?) ALSO in this video...IS AEG BROKER THAN ZUMA DOGG??? ZD hears they sunk all their money in the Ritz-Carlton condos and in the same credit schemes that burnt the rest of Wall Street. LOL! (Jan Perry's Pimp is BUSTED, from what they are saying on the street. LOL!)

AND REMEMBER... is the new place to check for constant updates about L.A. City News as it comes across the wire. Here's a sample...

  1. VIDEO: KNBC 4 NEWS stops by Zuma Dogg's Venice Blog Studio for investigative report. BEHIND THE SCENES -
  2. L.A.City Council expecting another Moody's downgrade. "Do not believe city acted quickly enough." Just too slow. Shucks!
  3. AT THIS POINT, I think Janice Hahn's relentless blabbermouth and stupidity during this emergency should be considered a misdemeanor crime.
  4. City Layoffs May Not Save Enough Money: A plan to eliminate 4,000 municipal jobs in Los Angeles may not save as mu...
  5. Villaraigosa to co-host reception for Oscar nominees (As if they want to hang out with LOSER mayor. Vanity Fair, watch out!
  6. Breaking news: Judge orders injunction against Steve Cooley: Describing District Attorney Steve Cooley's actions a...
  7. Consultant ordered to pay housing agency $1.9 million over fraud -
  8. FOX 11: Layoffs May Not Save Enough Money - Officials: Delays in implementing changes to blame. PATHETIC!
  9. ZUMA DOGG MASSIVE UPDATE ON AEG WORLDWIDE FINANCIAL SITUATION: They ain't buying SQUAT from the city...more to come.
  10. When Zuma Dogg said he was "economist" some folks mocked me over the claim. But try to find more accurate economic predictions anywhere.
  11. "9-1-1 staff (including technical staff that keeps the dispatch equipment working) getting cut. So good luck getting through if calling whil
  12. VILLARAIGOSA OSCAR PARTY: Give the guy a break; let him have his party. He's worked hard all year. He deserves it, no matter WHAT the cost!
  13. L.A. CITY ATTORNEY TRUTANICH Speaks on Kevin James Show regarding Budget Crisis.
  14. L.A. COUNCIL'S DENNIS ZINE says final touches on Medijuana law being delayed due to Early Retirement. City suffering already.
  15. LESS COPS, MORE CONS: Antonovich said 8,600 unsupervised parolees could be on county streets by the end of the year.
  16. Breaking news: Sheriff orders supervisors back on streets to cut overtime costs: Asked to take a $128 million budg...
  17. Breaking news: Greuel says L.A. will have to borrow more: Los Angeles officials received more grim financial news ...
  18. Breaking news: Pot clinics challenge L.A. limits in lawsuit: A state organization representing medical marijuana d...
  19. RT @ladailynews: Breaking news: Trutanich says his office will investigate complaints about Toyota cars:
  20. GOOD ARTICLE: DWP GM Freeman Steamrolls OWENS VALLEY, once again, this time for L.A. City's shady solar panel business. -

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