Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NEW Zuma Dogg News for 3/24/10 - L.A. Libraries to close on Sunday, DWP Madness & Eric Garcetti Better Put His "Sexual Reference" Discretion In Check!

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  1. DWP & L.A. CITY already PLANNED for .08% DWP "Green" Rate Hike: If they don't get it, DWP will be downgraded, costing a billion extra dollars - and "plan" does not reduce ONE LUMP of coal use. SO WHAT'S THE POINT? Oh yeah, money for the general fund.
  2. IF YOU ARE A PARENT who cannot run your family if library reduces it's hours, maybe you should have used a condom before you had kids.
  3. They say you cannot cut library hours cause kids need to use computers? I CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND 1 KID DOING ANYTHING BESIDES FACEBOOK/GAMES!
  4. LIBRARY FANS say you cannot cut library hours or services because kids use libraries to read books. YOU CAN CHECK THEM OUT AND TAKE HOME!
  5. COMING SOON: Zuma Dogg's list of TOP 100 "critical, vital, lifeblood" city services that MUST be LAST THING to cut, or kids will join gangs.
  6. @EricGarcetti, is it TRUE that you hit boy riding bike while driving city vehicle drunk, then had to pay off Echo Pk family for silence?
  7. I think @EricGarcetti made a strategical error when he married Amy Wakeland for higher office. He should have run as first gay mayor of L.A.
  8. HE LITERALLY BLAMED HIS MOMMY: Check Daily News archives. When @EricGarcetti was BUSTED over ETHIC VIOLATIONS, HE BLAMED HIS MOMMY!!! Sissy!
  9. DISSERVICE TO GAY COMMUNITY when Eric Garcetti marries former life partner Amy Wakeland cause it looks good when he runs for higher office? Should have come out of closet and run as first gay mayor.
  10. @EricGarcetti how many times have you consummated your marriage to Amy Wakeland? The drummer for Def Leappard can count times on left hand.
  11. @EricGarcetti: Every time you falsely accuse Matt of making a sexual reference when he does not, I will falsely accuse you of being a man.
  12. @EricGarcetti does NOT seem to know what a sexual reference is, and I'm sure his fake wife Amy Wakeland does not know what one, either.

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