Thursday, March 18, 2010


[Pictured: I guess it's been just long enough since THIS day to file the paperwork on the recall.]

Today, Phil Jennerjahn and David Hernadez filed the initial petitions with the Los Angeles City Clerk's Office calling for the recall of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The reasons are obvious, so I won't bother to state them here. Also on the petition, which was verified and date stamped by the mayor's office, before being verified and accepted by the City Clerk is Augusto Bisani, Gloria Sheftel (yes, Frank's mother!) and Manny Aldena.

Mayor Failuraigosa has 10 days to respond, stating all his crybaby, b.s. reasons why it's not his fault.

Then, Jennerjahn, Hernandez and the others will "negotiate" with the clerk's office the size and format of the petitions, since it is up to the recall organizers to pay for the entire effort, which includes printing of the recall publication and actual petitions to be circulated on the street.

240,000 valid signatures of registered voters in L.A. City are required to put it on the ballot.

NEXT WEEK, expect to see a recall of the L.A. City Attorney to be turned into the City Clerk's office. Although you may not feel the performance of the city attorney rise to the level of demand for recall as the mayor...but there is a movement in the medical marijuana community that is here to tell you their #1 goal is to recall the city attorney, even above the mayor and it is an unstoppable movement.

THEN, recall petitions for Controller Wendy "Hellen Keller" Greuel (who ZD may personally want to sign the petition) and ALL 15 City Councilmembers are expected to be filed as well.

IT'S A BIG EFFORT, but it's all kicking off today, with the filing of ONE recall we can almost all agree on...ANTONIO VILLARIAGOSA.

SIGNATURES CANNOT BE GATHERED FOR ANOTHER 23 DAYS (approximately), so if you want to help gather signatures send me an email and I will reply with specific details on how to get the petitions -- and here's the official website: (And before you mock these people's effort, who amongst you DOES NOT want the mayor recalled?)

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