Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Updates for 3-20-10 - FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF ILLEGAL ZD T-SHIRT BAN AT VENICE BEACH (I've been payin' back City Hall EVER SINCE!)

  • 4 years ago this weekend the L.A. City told me i couldn't sell my ZD t shirts on venice boardwalk anymore. been FUCKIN them up, ever since.

  • OBAMA: Coming to Los Angeles soon. Villaraigosa better figure out a way to blackout all media so Barack doesn't hear about the city crisis.
  • CRACKING DOWN ON BIG-SHOT CRIME: Two of L.A.'s biggest supergraphics coming down as crackdown intensifies
  • MOVING IN WOULD HELP: Man ordered to stay away from Alarcon, home: Suspect allegedly broke into residence twice...
  • L.A. CITY, an economic bucket with holes. Right, Ed Reyes. You mean to tell me "L.A." Marathon ends at SANTA MONICA PIER? They thank you!
  • TODAY marks the 4 year anniversary since the loss of @ZumaDogg's blissful ignorance as Venice Beach performer. Next tweet will tell u why.
  • THIS WEEKEND in March 2006 illegal ban on Federally protected actions went into effect at Venice Beach. ZD in chambers, shortly thereafter.
  • 4 YR ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND of illegal Venice Ordinance 42.15, banning Federal protected activities that brought ZD, Dowd & Hunt into Chambers.
  • DID VILLARAIOGSA PUT UNDERCOVER LAPD cops on ZD's pal who has lawsuit against DWP? Was he "escorted out" of DWP Commish meeting? Stay tuned.
  • What L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's spokeshole Matt "Bozo" Szabo SHOULD be saying to try and spin people on the...
  • My friend Dean DeLeo has ROCKIN' new song & album debuting on radio today. First new material in 9 yrs! Listen for new "Stone Temple Pilots"
  • FOR WHATEVER REASON these are the comfort songs I'm listening to from my music library while losing my mind from no food.
  • I don't know why people use words like, "tomorrow," & "this week." Those words don't ever FUCKING get here. Don't use those words with ZD.
  • I'LL HAVE A COUPLE HUNDRED IN CASH ON APRIL 6th, but I won't live to see it. CAN YOU PAYPAL $20-$100 NOW, NOW, NOW & I'll pay back on 4/6.
  • WOULD YOU LEND ZUMA DOGG $20-$100 to save his life if he said he will PayPal (pay you back) on April 6th? If Yes, DO NOT WAIT! DO IT NOW!
  • MY HEART AND LEFT ARM LETS ME KNOW when it is TIME: All i can say is if you can lend me $20-$100 bucks NOW I can PayPal u back on April 6.
  • ALTHOUGH L.A. is already unraveling under ERIP/budget, Jose Huizar noted on the record, "Today, the city gave away a cat to a good home!"
  • PERFECT TO FALL ASLEEP TO: City Council now into HOUR TWO of Persian Appreciation Celebration. LaBong shouts, "A GREAT Day!" (I feel GREAT!)
  • Anything I planned/needed to do today is out the window. Have to go back to sleep out of depletion. Then losing full day makes it worse.
  • OUCH: A beautiful day, but I ain't got a dollar to eat. Actually have to go back to sleep just because of no nutrition. Like being dead?
  • TV 35 vs LAYOFFS: About half the TV 35 dept got layoffs notices or are taking early retirement. This morning, station isn't even on air.
  • NEW ZUMA SHOW - The Case Against Antonio VIllaraigosa and DETAILS on RECALL VIllaraiogsa campaign (paperwork filed)
  • LASTIMA: Just checked my PayPal balance. Only got 9 cents. Thought I had a dollar. BIG difference. Now I can't get anything at 99cent store.
  • RECALL VILLARAIGOSA paperwork being filed in City Clerk's office as this tweet is being typed...stay tuned.
  • JAN PERRY looks like someone punched her in the left eye today on TV35. Maybe waa stung by a bee or is on drugs? Pull it together, Jan Perry

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