Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich NOW INVESTIGATING Eric Garcetti's FBI Investigated Housing Project

LA CITY NEWS.com broke the story last week, since LA Times REFUSED to mention the FBI investigated BONNIE BRAE affordable housing project for disabled seniors was in ERIC GARCETTI'S district. (They left that part out.)

AND NOW, ZUMA DOGG's LA CITY NEWS has learned that L.A. City Controller Wendy "Hellen Keller" Greuel has turned over the file on this project to L.A. City Attorney Carmen "Titanich" Trutanich has opened up his own investigation as to why this (David Rubin) project was pushed through, even though he was dirty as hell, his company was under FBI investigation, and the whole world knew it except Garshady.

SO THERE'S THE BREAKING NEWS: Trutanich launches investigation as to why the project was pushed through, even though Rubin's company was under FBI investigation.


And Zuma Dogg made a re-appearance at city hall after the 30 meeting ban, only to have his mic fucked with the whole time (CARMEN, watch the replay), then I was banned again, cause that stuttering, stammering, shaky idiot, DION O'conNELL interrupted me for no good cause. AND HUIZAR, what's with you? The stress of you family problems with your wife and the city's budget problems must really be getting to you. You sure did gain a lot of weight and lose a lot of hair in the past 30 meeting cycle. The glare on your head is a distraction when you talk, now, along with your weight gain. But be good to your wife, Jose Huizar. I know I busted you with love letter emails on your blackberry during the council meeting. And Huizar, use a condom, putz! You're likely to end up in prison over your IRS problems and you won't be a good father to your kids, when you are locked up. USE A CONDOM AND BE GOOD TO YOUR WIFE. She can't help he extra pounds...She just had two kids in 18 months.

AND, since this thread is likely to get a lot of views, and since DENNIS ZINE likes publicity in the media -- AND since Zuma Dogg is concerned the city may be hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit, based on what I've heard about him from women who have complained to ZD about what they must endure with Dennis, here is some BONUS MATERIAL, UNCLE FESTER! (Lose the goatee, it ain't working! AND NEITHER IS ANYTHING ELSE YOU'VE TRIED OVER THE PAST FOUR YEARS, CLOWN!)
  1. CAN YOU IMAGINE if L.A. City Councilman DENNIS ZINE gets hit with sexual harassment lawsuit in this budget crisis? ZD has predicted before!
  2. CAN CITY ATTORNEY CARMEN TRUTANICH please advise Dennis Zine on L.A. City "Sexual Harassment" policy for CMs. Women have complained to ZD.
  3. DENNIS ZINE: To be honest, I'm not sure if you are married, or not. But if you are, how does your wife feel that you are notorious groper?
  4. DENNIS ZINE: Who paid for your son's home. Pretty nice, for his salary, I'm told. Are you moving in when you retire? PAID WITH SHADY MONEY?
  5. TRUTANICH: I know you don't like your office to be made a fool of, but that's what DION O'CONNEL IS DOING TO IT: Needs to learn what is LAW!
  6. DUMMY DION O'conNNEL really does need to have a talk with FEDERAL JUDGE PREGERSEN to find out what 1st Amendment is all about. DION IS DUMB!
  7. VILLARAIOGSA & COUNCIL...not TOO DUMB: Created water rationing program so they could write tickets for revenue. Pipes end up busting=WASTE!
  8. I go to city hall 1 day and break FBI story (news reporters followed up with ZD on new info) & walk out w exclusive on NUCH's investigation.
  9. HOW LONG DO YOU THINK before the LAT/DailySnooze reporters start WHINING to NUCH's office that ZD already has story on NUCH investigation?
  10. BOY DID YOU DUMMIES FUCK UP: Dennis "Uncle Fester" Zine and D-D-D-ion O'conNEL! Thanks clowns! Keep walking into ZD's money trap! LOL! NUCH!
  11. CITY OF LOS ANGELES IN BIG FUCKING TROUBLE WITH FEDERAL JUDGE NOW!: Wait until he sees how council turned my mic down FOR NO REASON! $$$

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