Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Baby! (Smootch, smooth): April 4, 2010=4 Year Anniversary of Zuma Dogg's First Trip To City Hall For His First Public Comment.

In case you wonder what four years feels like. If you remember the first time some guy calling himself, "Zuma Dogg' strolled into Los Angeles City Council chambers for public comment about legal atrocities at Venice Beach...THAT'S FOUR YEARS. (Feel like ten.) It was an intense, condensed and compressed four years and it's just been amazing meeting so many people, of such diversity, from all across the's been a priceless experience. THANKS TO EVERYONE I HAVE EVER MET, SPOKEN WITH, OR CORRESPONDED WITH VIA EMAIL! I REMEMBER EVERYONE AND ALL THE CONVERSATIONS WE'VE HAD (Just ask Lee!) AND I USE IT ALL, EVERYDAY! (Thanks for the tutelage.) Anyway, a new Anniversary Show is now streaming at http://LADailyBlog. (And here's the link to the embedded video of this show in case a new show is streaming by the time you read this.)

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