Thursday, April 8, 2010

LA CITY NEWS Twitter Update for 4/8/10 - Council Tells Mayor To SHOVE His "2 Day Furlogh" Idea - AlarCON pushing HARD for DWP Increase

BREAKING NEWS: RT @KFINEWS: L.A. City budget latest: Mayor backs off call for 2-day-a-week closures to save money. 4.8.10 - 1pm

BREAKING NEWS: RT DailyNews: City finds $30 million revenue windfall: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Council members emerge... click here. - 1pm
  1. TRUTANICH, OFFICIALLY OFF HIS ROCKER.Introduced bill to CHP asking for THC levels to be used for DUI. THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT COLLECTIVE, NUCH?
  2. RT @abc7: A review of 2,000 state prisoners released without parole shows hundreds were convicted of violent crimes
  3. This DWP lawsuit Nick Patsouras just filed will force DWP to open their books in public, on the record. But these things take a while.
  4. Former DWP Exec Nick Patsouras is SUING DWP and as a former insider says THEY HAVE THE MONEY!
  5. ASSOSIATED PRESS COVERAGE of L.A. City Hall Budget Meltdown this week. GOOD REVIEW -
  6. ERIC GARCETTI reminds you, due to actions and council's diligence, there has been savings. Yeah, enough to shut down city for 2 days a week.
  7. ERIC GARCETTI: "I don't disagree with Mr. Alarcon, but we HAVE taken action." (Remember, Nothing was done wrong. They DID take action! A-OK)
  8. RICHARD ALARcon: "We've got to pull that trigger and take the hits we're going to take." (On his wish to raise DWP rates for Green Energy.)
  9. RICHARD ALARCON: "I believe we're going to vote for a DWP rate increase. We've got to get to that decision. We've got to do it."
  10. NOW POSTED: Video from today's council meeting about 2 day shut down. CLA tell Council, mayor does not have authority.
  11. RICHARD ALARCON: "Folks, we gotta approve the DWP rate kidding!?!?"
  12. CAO RAY CERRANO says next financial report will look a little better than the mid-year report from 2 months ago. But most likely, peanuts.
  13. BILL ROSENDAHL to CLA MILLER: Does the mayor have the authority (for 2 day city shut down)? MILLER: NO!
  14. CAO Jerry Miller claims WITH DWP transfer city will have $70 mil in reserve fund at end of year. Without transfer, reserve will be empty.
  15. BILL ROSENDAHL: Says this 2 day shut down idea is, "over the top." Compared the whole idea to, "Alice in Wonderland."
  16. TONY CARDENAS: Making sure everyone knows this 2 day shut down idea is Antonio's, and NOT recommended by CAO and knew nothing about it.
  17. L.A. city council would have to lay out and approve a plan for 2 day city shut down. Paul Koretz said it will NEVER happen.
  18. PAUL KORETZ: Can someone tell the mayor, this council in it's wildest dreams would never approve 2 day furlough. Says it's a waste of time.
  19. CAO & CAO emphasize L.A is NOT shutting down for 2 days starting next week. CLA says, "Mayor does not have unilateral authority to do that."
  20. L.A. Council's TOM LABONG hinted that he is coming to grips with having to reduce hours of Griffith Park Observatory. Heartbreaking, Tom!
  21. JANICE HAHN says she KNOWS this is no time to be hiring people in this economic time...BUT...BUT, supports hiring THIS "Community Advocate."
  22. JANICE HAHN HIRES Community Advocate to promote activities of harbor. I'll tell you what it does; it MOVES GOODS. Now shut up & DON'T SPEND!
  23. The ONE thing Janice Hahn never learned when it comes to public speaking is knowing when to stop. She's RELENTLESS nonsensical blabbermouth!

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