Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LA City News Twitter Updates for Wednesday April 7th - Council Discusses Proposed 2-Day L.A. City Shut Down

  1. CLA Jerry Miller said at meeting today that mayor does not have authority to order 2-day shut down of city and council will never approve.
  2. Breaking news: DWP money sparks showdown in L.A.: Flexing its muscles in an escalating City Hall budget battle, th...
  3. APRIL 20th: That's the day the RECALL VILLARAIGOSA campaign kicks off when signature petitions are released.
  4. RT @jillstewart: Former DWP Board Member Patsaouras Files Suit Against Utility, City Over Bizarre L.A. Budget Mess
  5. RT @jillstewart: Jill says, "This Greuel report will find/say nothing. City Controller Announces Audit Of DWP!" -
  6. RT @jillstewart: L.A. credit rating teeters at cliff, some say Villaraigosa Can't legally Impose Three-Day Work Week
  7. Although I'm not part of Recall Villaraiogsa campaign, people are contacting me about it, MORE TODAY. If U contact me, I'll give U details.
  8. AFTER THEY SPENT RECORD MONEY ON UPSCALE LUXURY: Southern Cali apartment rents are expected to keep falling -
  9. RT @villaraigosa: Video of yesterday's press conference on our City's financial future: (File under "comedy.")
  10. D.A. Steve Cooley files injunction to crack down on Skid Row's drug trade (I would prefer he crack down on corruption that destroyed city.)
  11. $20 mil of $73 better than $0 mil: CBS 2 News- Los Angeles Mayor To Ask Utility For $20M In Budget Crisis -
  12. L.A. Council moves to take control DWP after they refuse $73 million payment. L.A. council approved motions to strip DWP away from mayor.
  13. Breaking news: L.A. council moves to push for control of utility: The Los Angeles City Council has moved to take c...
  14. RT @LANow: Villaraigosa goes on TV, radio to explain his shutdown proposal
  15. RT @KFINEWS: L.A. City Hall - Controller Wendy Gruel audits Dept. of Water & Power after DWP stiffed the City out of $73-million.
  16. Brilliant Leader Eric Garcetti needed to stand up to clarify, "Council HAS taken action." ON WHAT? CITY HEADED OFF CLIFF? Tell it to mommy.
  17. HE'S SMAT, not like people say: CON ARTIST Richard AlarCON, "supports DWP increase cause mayor, DWP & consultant said so." No spinning him!
  18. FBI INVESTIGATED COUNCILMAN TONY CARDENAS just violated BROWN ACT, by losing his hot head temper on a public comment speaker. ZIP IT, CLOWN!
  19. NOW STREAMING - Los Angeles City Council meeting LIVE discussion of shutting down city two days a week.
  20. GREAT! Now the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS: CNN - L.A. mayor looks at shutting most city services twice a week - (ZD said this!)
  21. RT @ladailynews: L.A.'s credit rating downgraded by ratings agency: Los Angeles received more bad news today when an...
  22. RT @LANow: L.A. City Unions Coalition questions Villaraigosa's authority to shut down services two days a week
  23. RT @KFIAM640: Fed Chair Ben Bernanke says troubles in housing and job markets the biggest challenges facing economy.
  24. RT @CNBCtopStories: Gold Hits 3-Month Peak—Above $1,150 $$ #Commodities #GoldPreciousMetals
  25. LA City Workers to Mayor: 'This Is Not a Game' - SEIU Local 721
  26. focusing on Villaraigosa Recall. Signature gathers needed for April 20 start date.
  27. BREAKING NEWS: City of Los Angeles BOND RATING LOWERED - EFFECTIVE WED APRIL 7th. Are You a "Failure" Yet, Villaraigosa?
  28. LA DAILY BLOG/LA CITY NEWS RATE CARD: If you are reading this, think who else is, too. Is it worth $10 for your message to appear here?
  29. YOU ARE READING THIS!: You know CONSISTENTLY ranks among top blogs in CA: Want your ad to appear?

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