Thursday, April 1, 2010

LA CITY NEWS & ZUMA DOGG Twitter Updates for Thurs April 1, 2010

10pm update: A lot of content posted today. Going to sleep with $0.00. I'm sure I'll be up at 5am with $0.00 and it will explode from there. And IT'S OFFICIAL, this has been the most miserable week in my life. I'm scared to death to wake up on Friday morning. Have to go to sleep, now, just to end the fear and stress of every passing minute. Enjoy the content.


  • a lot of wealthy people tell me they read my blog all the time. but i guess they never read the part about supporting it with $5 bucks.
  • TONIGHT WILL BE TOO MUCH OF A NIGHTMARE: Someone offered to help ZD w some food money if I made it to city hall Fri. Ain't happening. Sorry.
  • Instead of asking City Attorney Carmen Trutanich about a dumb billboard, ask him about the Wall St credit derivatives lawsuit vs Wall St.
  • I'm sure some of you would pitch in $20 bucks to help with a ZD memorial event or charity, but won't pitch in to prevent it. ACTIVISTS?!?!
  • All I need are 2 AAA batteries, a cup of coffee and a tuna sandwich & I'd be FINE. But that ain't gonna happen. Day turns to nightmare time.
  • Can someone tell Ron Kaye & Jack Humphriville to read the antitrust lawsuit L.A. City has against Wall St so Kevin James will talk about it!
  • When you read anti-trust lawsuit L.A. has against Wall St banks for credit derivative/swaps, Villaraigosa may as well bet on NYC shell game.
  • I HAVE TO START SMASHING THINGS: If you read the anti-trust lawsuit L.A. has against Wall St. you'll want to smash things, too! L.A.=SUCKER!
  • You do not even know what activist O-U-T-R-A-G-E "is" until you read lawsuit L.A. vs Wall Street Scams. City is BIGGEST SUCKER ON PLANET!
  • As if they need YOUR input, now: Do you think City Council needs or cares to hear 200 idiots say, "Don't cut my project," at this point?
  • I wish all these 100s of people showing up to council for public comment NOW would stay home and let council handle crisis. Too late now.
  • $1.07: That's how much I have to get me through until the 6th. I'll never make it. If you only had $1.07, you'd be gone a long time ago.
  • LAUSD, Mereulo Maddux Real Estate, Public Pension Funds ALL UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION in L.A.: DWP/Council debacle HAS TO be on the way...
  • KNBC, KCAL, KCBS, FOX 11, KCET, ABC: Thanks to all the major TV stations for calling @ZumaDogg to be on your shows over 4 yrs as activist.
  • When ZD started calling talkradio 4 yrs ago, this month, with City Council "shady alerts", Council wasn't even discussed outside ZD's calls.
  • Was thinking of stopping by City Hall next week for 4 yr anniversary of ZumaDogg's 1st public comment at city hall, but why leave the beach?
  • 4/4/10=FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY - April 4, 2006, @ZumaDogg's FIRST trip to City Hall for public comment at Council meeting. The rest is...
  • 4 yrs after @ZumaDogg jumped on the talk radio airwaves to alert masses of $20 Bil in LAUSD construction contract shadiness, LA TIMES story!
  • Those of you who remember ZD's debut on TALK RADIO 4 years ago, this month, TOP ISSUE I CRIED ABOUT: LAUSD CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS! (BIG $!)
  • MALIBU PEOPLE ARE SHARPER: Was talking about L.A.'s econo-crisis. Person asked, "How can one make money off down economy?" RIGHT QUESTION!
  • LOVE to do a giant post/video on L.A.'s lawsuit vs Wall St Anti-Trust (reason we're in trouble), but U won't care till L.A. Times prints it.
  • It IS sad when a lot people show up to say "Don't cut our (blank), but it's TOO LATE: City got burnt in Maddoff-Style Wall St Scam. $isGONE.
  • "B"-"B"-"B": If the problem doesn't start with a "B" as in "BILLIONS" it's not even on my radar, you small potato bloggers & radio hosts.
  • KEEP TALKING ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL FUNDS, SUCKERS: ZD is interested in L.A.'s lawsuit against Wall St Credit Derivatives=BILLIONS!
  • ZUMA DOGG, now in possession of 190 page document, City of L.A. vs Bank of America (over those pesky credit derivative.) REAL stuff to ZD!
  • FINAL BITTER STRAW: After wasting a lot of time trying to land call on Kevin James, by the time he announced my call, cell battery was out.
  • FASCINATION SEGMENT ZD WAS SITTING THROUGH on hold w Kevin James. By time he was done, so was ZD's phone. Wish Kevin let ZD talk that long.
  • I TRIED: Had some new & exclusive info I was going to add to Kevin James show, but I couldn't sit through ANOTHER break on phone. My loss.
  • MASSIVE Zuma Dogg TWITTER Update: Had to Drag Bill Clinton, Ron Burkle, Antonio Villaraiogsa, Jan Perry & CarmenTru...
  • ZD's a cheap date, but can't work on empty tank. This blog and Twitter feed will update when @ZumaDogg hits $20 dollar mark for next 24 hrs.
  • KCET & KCRW have pledge drives. PayPal @ZumaDogg $5 bucks, right now, to keep the video-tweeting-blogging machine ON!

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