Sunday, April 11, 2010

An LAUSD Ballot Bamboozle on Yesterday's Vote by Teacher's Union Members on Shorter School Year?

Zuma Dogg can't walk away from tripping all over activist content, no matter how hard I try. Was just at the store, and hear someone talking to the clerk. It was an LAUSD teacher, so upset over his/her experience voting yesterday, ("they", for conversation sake) were talking about it the next day in line at the store. So when ZD hears buzz words like, "LAUSD," "The Union," and "illegal election,"and DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE -- you are about to meet Zuma Dogg! (And of course a regular teacher is always more than pleased to see that someone gives a shit about the situation, at all.)

SUMMARY: When this teacher showed up to the poll to vote in yesterday's LAUSD election where union members voted to shorten the school year by five days in exchange for no firings -- most teachers' names were not on the voting list.

The teachers whose names were not on the list were asked to fill out an envelope to put those pesky little ballots into. On the envelope, all that was required was your name, employee number and school site. THEN, just place the ballot into the envelope marked, "Secret."

The teacher was laughing about the process, but used words like, "completely disenfranchise by what I believe was an illegal election. I feel like my civil rights were violated."

The teacher sure would like to have an investigative body look into this whole situation. So would Zuma Dogg.

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