Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Mayor Caused The Problem, But You Would Think The People Leading The Mayoral Recall Effort Caused The Problem According To SOME Activists

Alright, as you know, I'm really burnt out and running on empty, but there seems to be a contagious disease of activist nuttiness spreading among some bloggers, radio hosts and community opinion leaders (not the community members, themselves).

I am hearing things like, "We're waiting to see how it goes," and comments NOT CRITICAL OF THE MAYOR, but of the recall effort itself, over a clash of personalities.

However you feel about the people who took the leadership effort to assemble the campaign, file the paper work and do all that lifting, the vehicle is now before us. It can be whatever you want it to be. And ONE thing that the mayor never seems to be too concerned about is whether it's gonna pass, or not. AB 1381? SURE, try it. Shady ballot measure? Sure! Might jam it through. CITY HALL DOES NOT SIT BACK AND WATCH BECAUSE IT MIGHT NOT WORK. SO WHAT IF YOU FALL ONE SIGNATURE SHORT AT THE END? You fight and push and lead and charge ahead and if it gets on the ballot then that would be great. If not, so what? You don't lose anything tangible or material. Basketball teams don't sit out and forfeit a game cause they don't think they can beat the Lakers, that day. You play the game and maybe you win. But if you don't push, you lose by default. And that's the only thing ZD can't live with.

These tweets say the rest. Chrisht Oh mighty, you people!
  1. If all the energy focused AGAINST the people running recall effort was focused toward promoting recall of corrupt mayor, it will work!
  2. There isn't one person criticizing the mayoral recall effort who wouldn't vote "yes" if all you had to do is press button on your computer.
  3. MOST WORTHLESS STRATEGY I HAVE EVER HEARD: "Everyone is watching to see what they do." (Regarding recall effort.) Some leadership stance.
  4. I 'm actually confused as to why other activists are against people RECALLING the mayor, instead of the mayor? If you helped, it would work.

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