Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mayor Villaraigosa Delivers "State of City Speech" and ASSURES all ALL, "Like Grandpa Pete Said, 'There are Sunnier Days Ahead for the City Angles!"

Well, I admit, I was feeling a little down and depressed about the future of the City of Los Angeles, but I just read Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's "solar panel installation" infomercial, also being referred to as his, "State of the City" address. (Antonio Villaraiogsa is the Forbes Reily of GREEN ENERGY!)

But I DO feel a lot better and much more optimistic about the days ahead for all Angelenos. Because the mayor says, "I say this with the same optimism that Grandpa Pete brought with him to this great country. I say this with the same optimism that the future will be better than the past. That there are sunnier days ahead for the City of the Angels. Thank you. And God bless you all." [We're gonna NEED it!]

In case you were watching "Bewitched" and "All in the Family" re-runs when the mayor was speaking, like Zuma Dogg, here are some highlights...I mean low-lights:

MAYOR: "Before our eyes, the Dow dropped like a stone. Wealth accumulated over years of hard work and sacrifice, was wiped out. Home equity evaporated, and in the space of three short years, over 23,000 of our families lost their homes. Over the last two years, new construction slowed by 25%; and with it, the new jobs and revenue that support our city. 65,000 jobs gone; and with them, the security and piece of mind provided by a steady paycheck. This is our new economic reality."

ZD: Yeah, start off by blaming it on something else that you seemingly had nothing to do with. Except you forgot to mention, "and if I hadn't been rolling the dice with the city's pension money in the shadiest of "alternative investments" on Wall Street with my cronies who backed me, we wouldn't be in this mess, right now." (See City of L.A. anti-trust lawsuit vs Bank of America, et al.)

NOW, try to soften the blow for constituents by comparing the situation to the worst situation ever. It's an NLP move called, "compare and contrast." It's also a cult brainwashing tactic.

VILLARAIOGOSA: "I think about my own grandfather, Pedro Acosta. How he arrived in Los Angeles over 100 years ago with little more than a shirt on his back and a willingness to work.

At first he worked the fields. Eventually he built a small thriving produce business, achieving a life for his family well beyond his wildest dreams.

If only the story stopped there. Then the Great Depression came along and it all came crashing down. He lost his business. He lost his wife. Things got so bad he was forced to place his only two daughters into fostercare.

But my grandfather and my mother endured. They never lost hope. They never stopped believing in each other. They never lost confidence that the future was going to be better than the past. They never stopped working. Most of all they never stopped believing that their futures were the ultimate product of their own hard work.

I always grew up believing that this is what it meant to be an Angeleno."

ZD: What does it mean to be an Angeleno? Working hard and building things up only to have it wiped away through your corruption and waste? Is this the scenario you are saying the people who voted for you should be preparing for?


Now, I don’t have to tell you that over the last several weeks we have allowed darkness to cloud our optimism. I think that you could even say that we have allowed the strain of the challenges we face to undermine civic unity.

And I don’t have to tell you that the past several weeks have left many people disappointed. The sparring over the budget and raising rates at the DWP became far too negative. I would be the first to say in our effort to lead a green economy in Los Angeles, I have stepped on more than a few rakes.

But I will also say this, we aren’t going to get blown off course by this economic storm. We are bound and determined to lead the conversion of the Department of Water and Power from dirty coal to renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal. Producing reliable, affordable and sustainable energy to the residents and businesses of Los Angeles is a matter of economic necessity. Not just because we will be subject to hundreds of millions in state fines annually if we don’t. We’ll give up our economic advantage as a city that owns its municipal utility, conceding thousands of green jobs to more enterprising cities.

We cannot afford to allow the economic storm to blow us off course.

So, we will lay out a plan in the coming months, that begins to reform the Department of Water and Power making it more accountable to ratepayers and businesses alike and making an agency sometimes renowned for secrecy more transparent to us all. And we will lay out a plan that once and for all makes Los Angeles the undisputed national leader in green energy and green jobs.

Now, even though we began this debate with good intentions, we ended it divided and fractured.

This must change.

We cannot allow our City Family to stand divided against itself. We must put the long-term goal of sustainability ahead of short-term politics. This is a challenge for all of us. It is a challenge that I acknowledge begins with me. And it is a challenge that I accept."

ZD: (Translation): I (the mayor) am still on the hook to make good on all those "green energy" promises I made to the big money (Bill Clinton's cronies) to jam this green energy crap through, so even though we blew the general fund in a Wall Street scam and a few of you got rich...we gotta keep the heist moving forward, as planned. But some of the posse are losing their nerve and causing problems, so they better shut up and get with the program, cause I can't back out now, cause the deal (with the devil) has already been made.

IT GOES DOWNHILL FROM THERE. And maybe I'll try to endure some more, later. But we must remain focused and meditate on the closing words of our wise leader, "I say this with the same optimism that Grandpa Pete brought with him to this great country. I say this with the same optimism that the future will be better than the past. That there are sunnier days ahead for the City of the Angels."

I feel SO much better. And remember people, if you learned anything by reading this, I hope it is that we do not lose focus, or stray off mission that L.A. will be the greenest (big) city by 2020! It's an URGENT matter and sometimes even requires a rule 23 to raise the rates, if needed. But I think Grandpa Pete would have had it that way.

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