Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Message on FREE SPEECH & NOT letting a corrupt municipal body take them away. SOMETIMES, you may even have to raise your voice about library level!

[HEY LOSERS! It's not a "warm and fuzzy" fest in there, in case you haven't noticed. A bunch of corrupt dummies just destroyed public safety and services. PARDON ME ALL OVER if I wasn't POLITE ENOUGH while they were violating STATE & FEDERAL LAW as they violated my rights. I'll try to be more cordial and something more fitting of a Garcetti chamber, next time, fellow activists! Maybe I can start putting this "warm and fuzzy"mascot on the podium when I speak to make everyone feel a little more "warm and fuzzy" inside!]

  1. NOT MY FAULT WHEN IT GOES SOUTH: Many of the most combative ZD city council moments START OFF GREAT. Then they chose to violate my rights.
  2. Over 4 yrs at City Hall, ZD changed & evolved throughout. But ONE thing that WON'T change is how ZD will react when council violates rights.
  3. MANY THINGS IN LIFE I wish I could have done differently if I could turn back time. But not ONE SECOND of it is ANYTHING from pubic comment.
  4. ZD HAS WANTED TO APOLOGIZED FOR MANY THINGS IN MY LIFETIME: Anything I have ever said, done or my behavior at public podium is not on list.
  5. HEY DUMMIES JUDGING ZD: They can ban me, but I DO NOT STOP TALKING when they are violating my rights. I let THEM violate law & walk into it.
  6. You CRYBABY COWARDS who JUDGE Zuma Dogg for his delievery at Council meetings REALLY DO NEED to read transcript of FEDERAL JUDGE on lawsuit.
  7. COWARDS STAY SILENT: If they turned down any other blogger's mic during council meeting, your blog or radio show would be all over it. LOL!
  8. FOR THE COWARDS AND PUSSIES: When Zuma Dogg has the law on his side and is operating compliantly, I DO NOT STOP CAUSE YOU ARE VIOLATING LAW!
  9. FOR UNINFORMED IDIOTS WHO DIDN'T BOTHER TO CHECK FEDERAL LAW: When ZD has the floor and you interrupt me, that does't make me in violation.
  10. OOOPS, MY BAD: Only person in city who figured out pension money was about to cripple city (Pensiongate). Sorry I exposed it, loudly. Shhh!
  11. I BETTER TAKE YOUR ADVICE AND CHANGE MY APPROACH from people who were letting council violate ENTIRE BROWN ACT, daily until ZD/Dowd entered.
  12. I MUST BE CRAZY!: ZD being judged by people who were told they couldn't record video at council meeting, so you went home and didn't record.
  13. If Rosa Parks took cues/suggestions from L.A. City blogger/activists, she'd still be sitting quietly & politely in back. RULES ARE RULES!
  14. JACKIE ROBINSON DAY, YESTERDAY: So I'll remind the cowards, you don't stop running the bases if you see umpire is corrupt & violating law.
  15. NOTE TO CONFUSED PEOPLE: If ZD has the floor under FEDERAL PROTECTION and Council ILLEGALLY interrupt me, ZD DOES NOT have to stop talking!
  16. Although I walked into council chambers yelling, continued to yell, became living city legend over exposure of corruption, I HAVE TO CHANGE!
  17. I'M STOPPED ON STREET DAILY by people who say nicest, most appreciative things humanly possible. But I'm told ZD must change to get results.
  18. I WARNED THE PUBLIC that L.A. City Council was becoming more desperate and running away with Brown Act. You stayed silent, losers. NOW LOOK!
  19. They turn my mic down during comment exposing FBI investigation into City Hall. U don't say anything. Next day, illegal DWP agenda item.
  20. When my mic was turned down on TV 35 broadcast during public comment Tues., it wasn't because I was speaking too loud. CONTENT-BASED, LOSER!
  21. I can tell you EXACTLY what Mary Cummins does 24 hrs a day. Monitors ZD's every word. It's so sad. Call her and take her out for some fun.
  22. HEY DUMB FUCK BLOGGERS: You might not like me, but you are letting council turns someone's mic down if they don't like what's being said.
  23. When's last time an L.A. blog posted something exclusive BEFORE it happens? Most fall into lazy trap of posting what already happened. "L!"

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