Saturday, April 3, 2010

Now Streaming on LA Daily Blog: Zuma Dogg, CRIBS! (Behind-The-Scenes of ZD's Venice Blogging Headquarters)

It ain't cheap keeping the Zuma Dogg Venice Beach Blogging Studios running. I just got a whopping $4.22 DWP bill for electricity AND water under my low-income plan that you should look into, except I think City Council CUT new sign ups. ANYWHO...this whole DWP rate increase is OUTRAGEOUS!!! If my bill skyrockets to $5.00...I'M OUTTA HERE! But as long as the rate increases are delayed for another three months, looks like ZD can stay located a block from the upscale part of the Venice Beach boardwalk...NORTH SIEEEEEEEEEDE! For a glimpse into Zuma In Wonderland's Blog Studio, see the LIVE video stream on this blog. (Or see "Zuma, CRIBS" HERE if a new show is streaming.)

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