Thursday, April 8, 2010

Zuma Dogg - LA City News READER MAIL from frustrated constituent over current L.A. budget and service crisis

[NOTE: A guy called me yesterday, on the news of all this 2-day furlough budget mess. (Seems to have been a "tipping point" day, yesterday. Many of you know how burnt out I have been, even though my good spirits and bi-polar drive keeps me on the treadmill. AND, it IS a call like the one from the guy yesterday that throws some more fuel in my tank. He sent this letter out to his community. So if anything, the desire to recall the mayor is a nice community galvanizer and I think this person is a nice igniter!]


Today I called "Zuma Dogg" a Los Angeles City political activist and had a long conversation about the City of Los Angeles "Budget Meltdown" mess. Today the news hit national networks at CNN, CNBC and MSNBC after the LA Mayor declared that he was going to have the 2nd largest city in the United States go to a three day work week. Last month the LA Mayor wanted to layoff 4000 city workers in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

At the end of this video Zuma Dogg gave me props and [he told me that] I gave him [ZD] more energy to keep up the good fight for all the residents of the City of Los Angeles.

My recommendation is that we demand the immediate resignation of all City Council Members as well as the Mayor of Los Angeles effective tomorrow at 9:00 am. We need politicians that can fix this financial mess. The present city leadership has been irresponsible and a financial nightmare and thus has failed to represent the residents of this city which according to Zuma Dogg is headed toward bankruptcy soon.

None of the current elected politicians of the City of Los Angeles has the leadership to fix the financial problems of this city. All one needs to do is look at a LA City Council meeting on cable channel 35 when the subject of the city budget comes up on the agenda. No one has a plan and the options are not good ones. This ship is rudderless and the plane is on autopilot and will run out of fuel soon.

Enjoy the video, Whooo-dayyyy-Whooooooooooo!

[THANKS for the call. This guy DOES have that kind of energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. I've met a lot of people over the past four years as an activist, and this guy has a GREAT energy. He'll be activating HIS neck of the woods.

WATCH VIDEO HERE: Watch highlights (lowlights) from yesterday's Los Angeles City Council meeting where they discussed the 2 day furlough idea of shutting down the city 2 of 5 days (40% of the work week.) That trash smells REAL GOOD in the summer when it isn't removed! CLICK HERE

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