Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zuma Dogg & LA City News TWITTER Update on CITY COUNCIL FIRST AMENDMENT/FREE SPEECH MADNESS...BOY, did THEY step into it! YIKES for Taxpayers!


  1. @RestoreLA - Holla! We gotta YANK @JoseHuizar next election. Only council race ZD will be working on. COMMUNITY SHOULD FOCUS ON WEAKEST CM!
  2. ACTIVIST ALERT: ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS FROM CD 14 area contact ZumaDogg@Gmail.com about DEFEATING @JOSEHUIZAR! ZD'S #1 FOCUS next election!!!
  3. @ZumaDogg is going to teach fat, balding, mistress-texting, shady CLOWN @JOSEHUIZAR a few things about community activism, BITCH-ASS WEEZY!
  4. ZUMA DOGG, going on record to say, I know people want ALL councilmembers voted out in next elections: FOCUS COMMUNITY ON CD14/@JOSEHUIZAR!
  6. JOSE HUIZAR you hair-losing, mistress texting during council meeting shady-buffoon. Have fun today with Red Spot AND ZD hammering your ass!
  7. I AGREE! THANKS FOR THE EMAIL: "Jeez, if you ever needed evidence of their suppressing your freedom of speech, that's it on today's video."
  8. PEOPLE NOTICED: "Your mic got a lot of static when you mentioned the FBI." (While ZD EXPOSED FBI investigation into Garcetti's OFFICE on TV!
  9. THANKS FOR HEADS UP: "ZD, just as you mentioned the FBI in public comment, there were problems with your mic." (Tip NOT from blogger/media.)
  10. Thanks to the general community member (not activist/fellow blogger) for THIS text message letting me know: "They are silencing you.on TV."
  11. HOW U KNOW U R HUGE: You return a call, but dial the wrong #. When you say, "It's Zuma Dogg, did you call?," they say, "YOU'RE ZUMA DOGG!?!"
  12. I'LL TWEET FOR FREE: But new "ZD Show" recapping WILD day at city hall/media frenzy over ZD & new 30 DAY BAN, is PayPal per view. Need help!
  13. FEDERAL PROTECTION/WHAT PUBLIC COMMENT IS FOR: That's what FED JUDGE said. City Attorney cut me off for saying "Alarcon shady/Zine Dumb."
  14. You activists SHOULD BE concerned that my mic was TURNED DOWN as soon as I mentioned FBI/Garcetti. Went downhill from there. STAY SILENT!
  15. You can say to yourself, I don't think ZD should tell Dion to "shut up," BUT, YOU did not sit in the FEDERAL COURT day Judge spoke!
  16. FEDERAL MATTER: Notice how as soon as Zuma Dogg said, "FBI INVESTIGATION INTO ERIC GARCETTI..." the mic magically turned itself down?
  17. BREAKING NEWS: L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich NOW INVESTIGATING Eric Garcetti's FBI Investigated Housing Proje... http://ow.ly/173Rok
  18. RICK ORLOV, just about to run over to City Attorney office, NOT to find out story, BUT TO COMPLAIN ZD HAD IT FIRST. Sorry, Rick. Try harder.
  19. THE STUFF PEOPLE TELL ME ABOUT @JOSEHUIZAR that Zuma Dogg remembers when BIG ass-clown pops off at the mouth on Zuma Dogg. More to come JH!
  20. CAN YOU IMAGINE if L.A. City Councilman DENNIS ZINE gets hit with sexual harassment lawsuit in this budget crisis? ZD has predicted before!
  21. CAN CITY ATTORNEY CARMEN TRUTANICH please advise Dennis Zine on L.A. City "Sexual Harassment" policy for CMs. Women have complained to ZD.
  22. DENNIS ZINE: To be honest, I'm not sure if you are married, or not. But if you are, how does your wife feel that you are notorious groper?
  23. DENNIS ZINE: Who paid for your son's home. Pretty nice, for his salary, I'm told. Are you moving in when you retire? PAID WITH SHADY MONEY?
  24. TRUTANICH: I know you don't like your office to be made a fool of, but that's what DION O'CONNEL IS DOING TO IT: Needs to learn what is LAW!
  25. DUMMY DION O'conNNEL really does need to have a talk with FEDERAL JUDGE PREGERSEN to find out what 1st Amendment is all about. DION IS DUMB!
  26. VILLARAIOGSA & COUNCIL...not TOO DUMB: Created water rationing program so they could write tickets for revenue. Pipes end up busting=WASTE!
  27. I go to city hall 1 day and break FBI story (news reporters followed up with ZD on new info) & walk out w exclusive on NUCH's investigation.
  28. HOW LONG DO YOU THINK before the LAT/DailySnooze reporters start WHINING to NUCH's office that ZD already has story on NUCH investigation?
  29. BOY DID YOU DUMMIES FUCK UP: Dennis "Uncle Fester" Zine and D-D-D-ion O'conNEL! Thanks clowns! Keep walking into ZD's money trap! LOL! NUCH!
  30. CITY OF LOS ANGELES IN BIG FUCKING TROUBLE WITH FEDERAL JUDGE NOW!: Wait until he sees how council turned my mic down FOR NO REASON! $$$
  1. ACTIVIST ALERT: ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS FROM CD 14 area contact ZumaDogg@Gmail.com about DEFEATING @JOSEHUIZAR! ZD'S #1 FOCUS next election!!!
  2. JOSE HUIZAR: Councilman ZD has received (BY FAR) most complaints about (including crying seniors) can't do a THING right! http://ow.ly/1y7ij
  3. LET'S SEE HOW LONG it takes for newspapers to go online w TRUTANICH INVESTIGATES GARCETTI'S PROJECT now that ZD's LA City News blogged it!
  4. BRILLIANT IDEA, ANTONIO: RT @michaellinder: The study is in. LA's water rationing program caused that rash of water main breaks last summer.
  5. "Stick and stone won't break my bones..." - Clowncilpussy Eric Garcetti in response to ZD's BLASTING of FBI INVESTIGATION into his project.
  6. NO SHOW OR BLOGGING TODAY: Things don't operate without financing.
  7. ZD told you FORGET POTHOLES...1st to go!: Mayor cancels 24 hr pothole response program. Now filling, one weekend a month. GOOD LUCK!
  8. RT @abc7: L.A. city budget cuts forcing homicide detectives to curtail overtime, hampering ability to solve murders http://bit.ly/a7uI67
  9. SOUNDS LIKE STUART VARNEY on FOX thinks BANKRUPTCY over PENSIONS NEEDS to be on the table, NOW. (Wall St Perspective!) Listen to his close.
  10. DEER IN HEADLIGHTS vs RAM TRUCK: That's Wendy Greuel vs Stuart Varney who EXPOSED her on FOX BUSINESS, INTERNATIONAL! http://ow.ly/1xE2H
  11. VIDEO: Dumb & Blind Dummy Wendy "Hellen Keller" a BIG STAR on FOX BUSINESS CHANNEL: http://ow.ly/1xE1K
  12. DEER IN HEADLIGHTS vs RAM TRUCK: That's Wendy Greuel vs Stuart Varney who EXPOSED her on FOX BUSINESS, INTERNATIONAL! http://ow.ly/1xDxx
  13. WENDY GREUEL calls bankruptcy a "cop out." It's not a game of will or tenacity. You do the math and either have to declare, or not.
  14. PINK FLOYD LEGEND Roger Waters is bringing "The Wall" to the Forum - just announced today! For full tour details:http://tinyurl.com/RWTour
  15. PERHAPS YOUR LOOKING FOR THIS TYPE OF ACCOMMODATIONS: JW Marriot/Ritz Carlton to L.A.'s rescue! AEG went BUST over it: http://ow.ly/1xCEK
  16. Was just in big hurry to do new blog post and video for Monday morning, but realized, "I don't get paid to do it," so going to bike path!
  17. RT @LATimescitydesk: Investigations sit idle as LAPD detectives hit overtime caps: http://bit.ly/dfXOI9
  18. TV35 no longer airing council replays on Sunday. Council may SAY over budget cuts, but doesn't cost more to replay already produced show.
  19. Richard Riordan said "L.A. is bankrupt, they just don't know it." Says L.A. SHOULD declare bankruptcy. Called mayor & council "amateurs."
  20. BLOG NET NEWS TOP 5 THIS WEEK: 1) New Santa Ana, 2) LA Observed, 3) LA Daily Blog, 4) Orange Juice, 5) Ron Kaye LA.
NOTE: Go to the city website or watch the council playback to see how my mic was turned down and messed with. ZD actually getting email and text feedback over situation. THIS IS MOST OUTRAGEOUS VIOLATION TO DATE! (It may be frustrating now, but it just racked up a bunch of $money$ to the lawsuit that the city is going to lose, I can 100% guarantee it and am taking all bets from all bettors over the matter.)

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