Monday, April 5, 2010

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Rantings For Monday April 5, 2010 - NEW Zuma Show STREAMING NOW.

  1. I know when advanced yoga class is about to start cause all the hottest women start rushing past my window=Time for ZD to go outside.
  2. -cont...NOW, I have apartment w help from the city & pay $4 DWP bill under low-income plan. Should I stop city hall trips & carry on w/life?
  3. 4 yrs ago, this week, I went to city hall for public comment over fake Venice law that stole my income and I became homeless...(cont)...
  4. If I were allowed to hand pick new councilmembers to replace incumbents, WOULD NOT be from NC, but CAO, Planning, etc depts. REAL EXPERTS!
  5. MOST LOCAL ACTIVISTS HAVEN'T WATCHED "WIZARD OF OZ" ENOUGH TIMES: So into the forest it is to steal the witch's broomstick=fix your problem.
  6. PROBLEM WITH ACTIVISTS: Always trying to solve a holistic problem with analytical approach. LOL!
  7. I know some of you may wonder why the idea of community-backed effort to replace CMs in upcoming election makes my head explode. Have fun.
  8. Can't WAIT to see how incumbent City Council members plan to ask voters for another term. Fliers should be HILARIOUS. No shame, no dignity.
  9. OBAMA wants mandatory health care for all. If Zuma Dogg were President, he would want mandatory Quality & Productivity training for all.
  10. I'm broadcasting my live Stickam stream at started: Mon, 11:07 PDT
  11. ZD's best pick up line ever: Saw AWESOME female walking down street. I asked, "Do you have your own corporate sponsor?" Did she love that!
  12. Thanks goodness for Starbucks: It keeps the hot chicks walking past ZD's window all morning. Without Starbucks, you might never leave house.
  13. Was just applying "Marketing Warfare" strategies to CA Gov election. Jerry Brown better start spending NOW or he won't be able to catch her.
  14. Sun-Tzu "Art of War" would indicate that unless Meg Whitman runs out of money soon, Jerry Brown ain't gonna be governor. JB's strategy=LOSE.
  15. "Gee Zuma, you sure were good at discovering and uncovering the fraud, waste & abuse that got L.A. into this mess." (I studied Q&P Methods.)
  16. You wouldn't go camping without a map and compass to find your destination. BUT, activists will take on complicated task w/out Q&P methods?
  17. I'm sure most would agree L.A. City is in a "crisis." That's why I wish all activist groups would read a book called, "OUT of the Crisis."
  18. Before activists start chasing tails around on new project, sure do wish they'd host a quality & prod presentation on how to fix a system.
  19. Justin Bieber is at White House and Obama is pitching baseball at the park, today. Wow, having some fun! How about karaoke in Oval Office?
  20. All you silly-hearts who think the answer to city hall is campaign replacing even number councilmembers need to watch end of "Wizard of Oz."
  21. I know you're saying, "Damn Zuma, how come you're not all for a campaign to replace even number council seats?" Because you don't know shit.
  22. If only we could replace the even number councilmembers, everything in the city would be fine. DUMMIES REFUSE TO STUDY QUALITY MANAGEMENT!
  23. HERE WE GO AGAIN: A big "to do" with activists, of course going down wrong path. HEY, you thought 50% off was right path at the time, too.
  24. The poor community members who are so desperate, but unwilling to strive for higher levels of awareness, once again, taking wrong approach.
  25. Because most community activists have never read a page about quality, you think solution to broken system is to replace individuals. LOL!
  26. Have you seen T.A.M.I. Show on PBS, yet? Best music movie ever. Beach Boys, Supremes, Marvin Gaye FANTASITC, but James Brown is UN-TOPPABLE!
  27. @ZumaDogg spontaneously generated in year 2000 to be the anti-TRL hip-hop artist to torture Eminem & N'Sync fans. In 2006, turned political.
  28. For you grunge rockers, creating a ZD Wikipedia entry starting from '06 City Hall era is like "Dave Grohl" story starting from Foo Fighters.
  29. WHOEVER created ZD's Wikipedia entry only described 4 yr City Hall Era of 10 year media legacy: Like starting Paul McCartney bio from Wings!
  30. WHOEVER created ZD's Wikipedia entry only described 4 yrs @ City Hall of 10 yr legacy. Like M. Jackson bio from Thriller.
  31. Welcome To!
  32. SPONSORED AD: Take a stake in your State. Make a difference in the 2010 California local and statewide elections.
  33. 4/4/06: First time Matt Dowd & Mike Hunt dragged (virtually kidnapped) Zuma Dogg to City Hall for first public comment about Venice Beach.
  34. Zuma Dogg, not as much like Adam Sandler or David Gilmore as Jim Carey, Roger Waters & Elton John. Fun to watch but not as fun behind-scene.
I'm no Jamie McCourt, but ZD could use $5 bucks, right about now to get me through the day, and tomorrow (6th) the rest of the week is on me! (How about a 4 year Anniversary PayPal. April 4, 2006 was ZD's first trip to city hall for first public comment...AND NOW LOOK! HEEEELP!)

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