Monday, April 5, 2010

Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for 4/5/10 - Political Commentary in 144 Characters, or less.

[Pictured: Oh, yes! You get the, "FIRST of All/I Told You So" Finger, Wendy Greuel & Dumb City Council...FOREVER!]

  1. L.A. CONTROLLER WENDY GREUEL THINKS SHE'S LEAD SINGER OF FOREIGNER: "Urgent, urgent! Emergency! Urgent, urgent, Emergency. So Urrrrrrgent!"
  2. I think the test of time and historic perspective shows that Zuma Dogg was right and Eric Garcetti is a pussy.
  3. ZUMA DOGG: Scarred for life by the memories of past four years watching council LITERALLY GIVE AWAY General Fund as I SCREAMED TO STOP!
  4. GAVIN NEWSOM LT GOV CAMPAIGN should run clip of Janice Hahn referring to herself as, "The Queen of Parcel Taxes." Ms. Foot-in-Mouth ditzbag.
  5. As much as every one reading this cringes at thought of Mitch Englander becoming next CM of CD12 replacing Mrs Smith, good luck beating him.
  6. If City activists couldn't find candidate to beat Paul Krekorian in open seat election, who is gonna magically pop out of woodwork, now?
  7. I know you think you know everything and can handle running entire city hall, yourself, as new CM; but I'd want Parks there for budget info.
  8. I KNOW YOU WANT TO VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENT COUNCILMEMBERS but why would you want to vote out CM Parks? The ONLY one who knows budget details.
  9. You can hear re-broadcast of Zuma Dogg's call on Kevin James on AM 870 ( around 12:20am tonight. About DWP/Council mess.
  10. 30 day (illegal) ZD ban @ council was GREAT cause I didn't burn myself out going to meetings. WILL I GO BACK now that ban is over? HOPE not.
  11. IRRESPONSIBLE: What Jan Perry calls Fitch's assumption that DWP increase would be approved. NO CRACKHEAD, YOU are the irresponsible one.
  12. OF COURSE little hillbilly shit David Freeman is gonna make $73 million DWP transfer to the city, but this whole squirming process is fun!
  13. City needs to tap reserve funds to meet May payroll, then reserve will be out in June. Ha ha, loser CMs, ZD was right, you were wrong. LOL!
  14. BREAKING NEWS: DWP Tells L.A. City, "Sorry Charlie" (NO) To Shady $73 Million Money Transfer, and L.A. Controller A...
  15. Zuma Dogg TWITTER Rantings For Monday April 5, 2010 - NEW Zuma Show STREAMING NOW.

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